A career in fashion

A career in fashion

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Have you always dreamt of a career in fashion, design, business, or merchandising but don’t know how to turn your passion and talent into a viable career? FIDM is a highly distinguished fashion school with four college campuses located in California. We provide our students with the education they need to create a portfolio that will jump start their fashion careers. With our decades of experience and connections with the biggest fashion brands in the world, we offer the most comprehensive courses in dozens of business, design, and fashion-related majors that are updated regularly to match the changes of the fashion industry.

FIDM offers over two dozen accredited Master's, Bachelor’s and Associate Degree programs in design and creative business. Our students collaborate on special industry partner projects with brands like Victoria's Secret, Athleta, Nike, and TOMS. Part-time work and internships with companies like J Brand Jeans, Stila, and Forever 21 are built into the curriculum. FIDM Faculty are talented industry professionals who bring their experience and connections into the classroom, creating a dynamic, career-focused learning environment.


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