Fotos de carlos alberto pandolfi

Fotos de carlos alberto pandolfi
... Guide to Adding the Latest Fashion Trends to Your Closet

Now let's set the fashion basics aside and talk about the current fashion trends that create the (sometimes crazy) excitement every season. Although the Wardrobe Essentials are important and make up the back-bone and practicality of your style - we both all know that it is the latest fashion trends that keep your style and wardrobe fresh - injecting glamour, wit and spunk, the extra oomph – making you feel more alive!

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What I love about this new era of fashion is that the biggest fashion houses are presenting a variety of key looks - there is something for everyone. Of course, there are some trends that are more popular than others in any given season, but they're not a must.

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For example, bright and warm colors tend to be big on the Spring/Summer catwalk, but there is always another fashion designer that goes the opposite way by displaying their collection in soft, pastel colors. This makes it so that the cool and fair skinned woman can wear her best colors no matter what the latest fashion trends are telling you what's "hot"!

Pruning Through the Trends - the Chic Way

Draw inspiration from fashion magazines such as Marie Claire
Some of the best places to get a look of the upcoming and current fashion trends is to go to or buy a special trends issue of any fashion magazine (Marie Claire is one of my favorites) which is usually out in late July or early August.

Ok, so you've got the fashion trends in front of you. How do you choose from the myriads of looks, colors, details, shapes and styles?

Simple. Select the trends that express your Personal Style. I'll show you how in this Shopping and Style Guide to the Current Fashion Trends!

You'll also find advice, tips and inspiration on:

  • How to assess what chic trends to consider and what to avoid
  • Making fashion trends work for your personal style
  • How to mix and match the trends into outfits - without looking like a fashion victim
  • Timeless closet essentials for your Spring/Summer closet

Let's look at the topics I'm covering:

Current fashion trends 2

How to Make a Trend Work for You

Fashion advice, tips and ideas on how to select from the current fashion trends that look good on you, and styling tricks to make a fashion trend work for you. Questions to ask yourself.

You'll also discover:

  • What belt styles give the most for your money
  • How to wear a belt with a short or long torso
  • Chic ideas on how to style belts with your outfits

Get advice on how to make Fashion Trends work for you »

How to wear the latest fashion trends

How to Mix & Match Trends

How to coordinate and wear the latest trends the chic way - mixing the wardrobe essentials with the trends. Styling tricks on how to put together a chic but trendy outfit.

Learn How to Wear Fashion Trends »

Spring summer wardrobe essentials

Spring & Summer Trend Essentials

Checklist of the Spring Summer Fashion Trends closet essentials. Timeless S/S fashion trends and other suggestions on how to keep you covered during the warmer months.

List of General Spring-Summer Fashion Trends »

Fall winter wardrobe essentials

Fall & Winter Trend Essentials

Checklist of the Fall Winter Fashion Trends closet essentials. F/W pieces you can never go wrong with plus other tips and ideas on how to keep your closet solid for the colder months.

List of General Fall-Winter Fashion Trends »

Check out the Latest Fashion Trends at the TCF blog:
(or dig into the trend-archives)


Looking for a specific trend?
Search for it here:

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How to Select from the Current Fashion Trends

I created this guide to help you prune through the 'haute couture', the fads and the over-rated fashion trends, and find trends and looks that are wearable for the chic Jane – giving you ideas on what trends I think are worth investing in.

However, remember that fashion is a stylistic preference. You may be have a dominant Trendy clothing personality, while mine is Classic. So it's 100% subjective!

A trend is worthless if it doesn't complement your personal style or if you can't at least find a way to make it work for you. You also have to feel good wearing the trend!

Do some homework by assessing your appearance, from head to toe. From the undertone of your skin to your body silhouette.

Not sure how to do that? Well, come on in here and let's build (and improve) your personal fashion style from the ground:

Save Time and Money with a Wardrobe Plan

When you spend some time developing a new-season-closet-update plan and being aware of what looks good on you - over time you'll notice how your trend-pruning skills have improved - and shopping becomes a breeze! :-)

When you enter a store (or shop online) you'll know exactly what to look for and what to avoid - reducing the 'down time' of fickling with the things that you don't really need.

Click here to get tips on how to create a shopping plan »

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