French for fashion designer

French for fashion designer
... Guide to Chic French Womenswear and Clothing!
- Learn How to Dress Like a Chic Parisian"

Sleek, chic and sexy. Those are just a few of the adjectives that describe French Fashion and the stylish Parisians you see strolling along the Champs-Élysées.

French fashion style. Outfit from French Connection
Courtesy of French Connection
Yes, the majority of French women (especially in big capital Paris) have a superb taste in clothes and value classic style, but still they don't dress in an exuberant and arrogant way (at least not all of them). They keep it sophisticated and are simply amazing with that!

Anna, I don't have time!
Teach me how to dress like a chic Parisian!

If you're interested in how the legendary chic French gal dresses and want to learn how to shop and style yourself the Parisian way, follow this guide where you'll find fashion advice and styling tricks on how to do exactly that.

Pioneers of Fashion

The French have been the pioneers of chic fashion for hundreds of years. From Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy - they all share the same vision of how a woman should look and dress:

Smart, timeless, sophisticated and feminine with a confident and modern flair!

"Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it. "
- Yves Saint Laurent (fashion designer)

Concept Behind The Chic

The main reason why I created this guide is to simply inspire you to implement the "less is more" and "quality over quantity"-philosophy French women have had as their style mantra for hundreds of years.

They're skilled at wearing the wardrobe essentials stylishly as well defining their personal fashion style - which are super important pointers in The Chic's chic fashion concept.

Want to know what "Chic Style" really is? Click here »

You can easily notice their graceful sophistication and confidence (even if they're faking it. They're humans too!) in the way they dress - yet they ooze a subtle and sweet sexiness that can make any man fall off their feet. Oui oui!

No wonder why fashionistas are drawn to French fashion and clothing!

Now let's check out how we can implement their femme fatale look into your own personal style:

French fashion style tips

How to Dress Like a French Woman

Get your hands on the French fashion and styling tricks that will help you achieve a chic Parisian look. Plus outfit ideas and closet pieces that are typical French. From what colors and color combinations to what garments and accessories to invest in.

You'll also discover:

Tips on how to achieve French Fashion Style »

Shop french inspired clothes

Shop French Clothing Online

Discover where you can keep yourself updated on the latest French fashion styling, as well as French clothing online stores.

Also draw inspiration from the widely-known French fashion designers such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

Chic's Guide to French-inspired Clothing & Accessories »

Guide to the latest street fashion style around the globe

Street Style Inspiration

Street style photographers and fashion bloggers are frequently capturing fashionistas on the streets of Paris. So there's plenty of online sources for you to draw from.

Get dressed the funky and urban way with super-fresh fashion inspiration from the streets from around the world. Paris street fashion is ahead of the fashion game - sophisticated with a trendy twist

Check out the latest Parisian Street Fashion Style »

What is Chic Fashion?

What is Chic Fashion?

What is exactly chic fashion?

Let's step away from the "fashion rules" a bit and take a look at the main differences between fashion and style - and how to dress chic... the Parisian way with basics and the style mantra "Less is More"!

Learn more about Chic Fashion »

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Search for it here:

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Not All French Women Dress Alike

Not to spoil anyone's fantasy about how they dress, but not ALL French women dress as sophisticated as we have been told and seen from fashion magazines, books and TV-shows.

However the classic style, the "typical" French, can be seen on a majority of women in France.

But like I mentioned in the Personal Fashion Style-guide and throughout this fashion advice website - we all have different tastes and personalities - we all want to wear clothes that are a reflection of our individuality.

And French fashion is not an exception.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
- Coco Chanel

French Street Fashion

Our world is rapidly being globalized (and France happens to be a country with a fast-growing population of foreigners) so various types of ethnic cultures as well as the new and modern generation have, and are constantly influencing the way women and men in France dress.

There are multiple French fashion styles - however, the Classy Look can be seen on the majority of them.

For example, take a look at these unconventional French street style outfits:

Cool French street fashion urban outfits
Image credit: Easy Fashion and Sartorialist
As you can see, French fashion can be trendy, casual and even creative. But you can still see some Frenchness in their outfits.

Like the beret hat and glam fur jacket to your left. And do you notice that the other girls are wearing blazers, but in trendy styles? The style uniqueness!

French Street Style Blogs:

Let's Focus on What's Typical French Style

Anyway. Let's put French street style to the side. You and I are going to focus on sleek and sophisticated French style, and learn how to implement it to our own wardrobe - from beret hats to tailored garments, color palettes to scarves, and even where to find French clothing outfits and womenswear inspiration!

Click here to learn how on how to achieve a French clothing style »

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