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Trinidad Music
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Youni-T - P.L.A.Y (Peace Love And Youni-T) Trinidad
Ricardo Drue - I Got You (Rocket Launcher Riddim) Trinidad
Andrea Rivera - If You Want It Cayman
Andrea Rivera ft. J Nez - Ready Fi Da Road (Gyalis Riddim) Cayman
Bunji Garlin x Busta Rhymes - Drop It (Clean) Trinidad
Miguel Maestre - Long Time Party (Trillium Riddim) Trinidad
KI & the Band - Simple Things (Trillium Riddim) Trinidad
Jaxx - Restless (Trillium Riddim) Trinidad
Blaxx - Gyal Owner (Tight Squeeze Riddim) Trinidad
Uncle Ellis - Jammin Fever Trinidad
Sizwe C - Backshot (Bad Boys Riddim) Trinidad
Lil Raw - Bumpa (Bad Boys Riddim) Trinidad
Bushman Prince - Dutty Bacchanal (Bad Boys Riddim) Trinidad
Bass aka Trilo-G - Harder Trinidad & Tobago
Bass aka Trilo-G - Continue Trinidad & Tobago
DeeVine - Front Page Trinidad & Tobago
Shurwayne Winchester - Sit Down (Jiggy Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Pumpa - My Crew (Jiggy Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Ms. Paige - Ah Doh Want Yuh Man (Stick Sweetie Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Umi Marcano - Red Dress Trinidad & Tobago
Bad Royale feat. Azaryah - Bess Gyal Trinidad & Tobago
Erphaan Alves - No Habla (Hold Ya) Trinided
Sasha Melody - Down Dey Trinided
Yankey Boy x Asten Isaac - I Aint Going Home (Skyfall Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Nailah Blackman - O' Lawd Oye (Ultimate Rejects Remixx) Trinidad & Tobago
Motto x Lyrikal - Lit (Road Mix) Trinidad & Tobago
Machel Montano - Showtime (DJ Puffy x Scratch Master Road Mix) Trinidad & Tobago
Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days (Road Mix) Trinidad & Tobago
Skinny Fabulous - Party Start (Kubiyashi Road Mix) Trinidad & Tobago
Skorch Bun It x Kes The Band x Sekon Sta - Cabin Fever (Numba One) Trinidad & Tobago
Blaxx - Hulk (Road Mix) Trinidad & Tobago
Machel Montano & Superblue - Soca Kingdom (Doc & Jes Remix) Trinidad & Tobago


Youni-T - P.L.A.Y (Peace Love And Youni-T)

2018 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T) Trinidad & Tobago
Blaxx - Hulk (Road Mix)
Bushman Prince - Dutty Bacchanal (Bad Boys Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Overdue (Precision Road Mix)
Lil Raw - Bumpa (Bad Boys Riddim)
Lyrikal - Rude Wayz (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Showtime (DJ Puffy x Scratch Master Road Mix)
Machel Montano & Superblue - Soca Kingdom (Doc & Jes Remix)
Motto x Lyrikal - Lit (Road Mix)
Nailah Blackman - O' Lawd Oye (Ultimate Rejects Remixx)
Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days (Road Mix) Shal Marshall - Splinters (Precision Road Mix)
Sizwe C - Backshot (Bad Boys Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Party Start (Kubiyashi Road Mix)

2017 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T) Trinidad & Tobago

Jaiga TC - Free Up (Stadic Refix)
Kes The Band - Incredible (Razorshop 'All de same' Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Ramp Up (Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Wine Up (Doc & Jes Remix)
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake (AudioFete Remix)
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake (Official Roadmix)
Machel Montano - Beat It (Adigun & Salty Soundz Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Beat It (Travis World Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Waves (DJ Puffy Remix)
Machel Montano - Your Time Now (Precision Road Mix)

Machel Montano - Your Time Now (Skorch Bun It Remix)
Marvay - Know The Face (Bad Royale Remix)
Mr. Diesel feat. Starr George, Baysee Boynes Star Btite, Swordoff & Ziggy Ranking - D' Road (Road March Mix)
One Voice - Dutty Behavior (Willy Chin Roadmix)
T-Rock Again - Behind De Truck (Shot Master J Roadmix)
Teddyson John - No Code (All Star Refix Roy Cape All Stars)
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (Official AudioFete Remix)
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (Razorshop Roadmix)
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme (Willy Chin Road Mix x UR Brass)

2017 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T) Virgin Islands

2016 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T) Trinidad & Tobago

5Star Akil - Different Me (Road Mix)
Bunji Garlin ft. R. City - Take Over Town (dEVOLVE Remix)
Chuck Gordon - No Jumbie Vibes (Marfan Road Mix)
Devon Matthews - Frolic (Brax Refix)
Erphaan Alves - Intentions (Threeks Road Mix)
GBM Nutron - Scene (GBM Road Mix)
Jaiga TC - Anyway (Road Mix)
Kerwin Du Bois - All Kinda Kind (Supa J & Rusty G Kubano Bootleg)
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Roberts - Unforgettable (Precision Road Mix)
Lil Bitts - Work (Precision Road Mix)

Lyrikal - Freedom (Scratch Master and DJ Puffy Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Temperature (Jester Refix)
Orlando Octave - Road (Doc & Jes Road Mix)
Ricardo Drue - Professional (DJ Puffy x Scratch Master Road Mix)
Ricardo Drue - BET (Jester Alternate Remix)
Rikki Jai - Leh We Fete (Razorshop Road Mix)
Shal Marshall - Party (GBM Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Truck Driver (Razorshop Road Mix)
Voice - Cheers To Life (Precision Road Mix)
Yankey Boy - This Carnival (Road Mix)
Young Voice - Bashment (Road Mix)

2016 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T) Trinidad & Tobago

2015 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

Angela Hunte & Machel Montano - Party Done (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
Chucky Gordon - Personality (Road Mix)
Cloud 5 - No Behavior (Shelldown) (Tony Tempo Jouvert Mix)
Farmer Nappy - My House (The Andrew Denny Remix)
Flipo - Her Love (Ultimate Rejects Remix)
Lyrikal - Loner (Mastamind Road Mix)
Kerwin Du Bois vs. Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean No Apology? (Jester Remix Bootleg)

Machel Montano - Like Ah Boss (Doc & Jes Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Pop Ah Bottle (Kubiyashi Road Mix)
Machel Montano ft. Shaggy - Remedy (Refix)
Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias - Forgiveness (El Perdon) (DJ Buddha Soca Remix)
Olatunji - Ola (EDM Remix)
Olatunji - Ola (Ultimate Rejects Remix)
Ricardo Drue - Professional (DJ Crown Prince Edit)
Young Voice - Bass (Victorious Road Mix)

2015 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2014 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2014 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2013 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

We're moving our Music to a new home ... please bear with us. You can enjoy more 2013 Soca Releases HERE.

2012 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

K.Rich - Nothing Less (RoadMix)
Kerwin Du Bois - Bacchanalist (Roadmix)
Machel Montano - P.Y.F. Pump Yuh Flag (758 Remix)

2012 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2011 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

Bunji Garlin - Hold A Burn (Enforcas Roadmix)
Destra Garcia - Welcome Back (Razorshop Road Mix)
Fay Ann Lyons - Consider It Done (Enforcas Roadmix)
Fay Ann Lyons - Pressure On It (Enforcas Roadmix)
Iwer George - Come To Meh (Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Where Yuh From (Precision Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Wotless (Madman Richard Remix)

Machel Montano HD - Advantage (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Advantage (Tony Tempo Roadmix)
Machel Montano HD - Bend Over (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Illegal (Trendsetter Road Mix)
Shal Marshall - Doh Drag D Flag (Precision Road Mix)
Third Bass - Big Tune Gyal (DJ Bass Roadmix)

2011 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2010 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

5 Star Akil ft Cham - Bumper (D'Enforcas Official Roadmix)
Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything (DJ Spice Soca Mix)
Alison Hinds - Boom Boom Tonic (Razorshop Roadmix)
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Hunting (Road Mix)
Blaxx ft Wendell Manwarren - Zombie (Road Mix)
Buffy - Anything (D' Bandit and Doc Jones Road Mix)
Bunji Garlin - Brave (758 Road Mix)
Cross Check ft Crazy - Paper Fuh De Road (Refix)
Destra Garcia - Fireworks (Razorshop Road Mix)
Devon Matthews - Iron (Road Mix)
Devon Matthews - Iron (SMJ Road Mix)
Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois - Pavement (Road Mix)
Farmer Nappy and Machel Montano HD - I Pay For This (Road Mix)
Fammer Nappy - I Pay For Dis (Gutter Riddim) Ruckshun Refix
Fay-Ann Lyons ft Busy Signal - Start Wine (SocaFunky House Mix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Iron N Steel (Scratch Master Roadmix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - True Lies (758 Road Mix)
Gailann ft Skinny Fabulous - Bubbling Time (Road Mix)
Gyptian - Hold You (inVINCEable Soca Remix)
Gyptian - Hold Yuh (Soca Refix)
Iwer George - Party Hard (D'Enforcas Official Roadmix)
Jah Cure ft Alison Hinds - Call On Me (Ma$tamind Soca Refix)
Jay Sean - Down (Soca Saucy) Dj Ele Remix
Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (DJ Spice Soca Mix)
JW & Blaze - Palance (M. Williams Roadmix)
JW & Blaze - Palance (Shot Master Jay Roadmix)
Kes The Band and Nadia Batson - Heaven (Razorshop Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Melee (Scratch Master Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Bumper To Fender (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Bumper To Fender (Tony Tempo Refix)

Machel Montano HD ft Serani - Hot Like Pepper (DJ Phaze Remix)
Machel Montano HD - Ramajay (DJ Dee Remix)
Machel Montano HD - Nah Going Home (Top Clarity) Iron Remix
Machel Montano HD - No Behaviour (Road Mix) Extended Version
Machel Montano HD - No Behaviour (Road Mix) Radio Edit
Machel Montano HD - Theifin (DJ Ele Iron Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Thiefin' (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Machel Montano HD - Thiefin (Roadmix)
Mertial - My Money (Ha Ha Soca Remix)
Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A. (Innovative Soundz Soca Road Mix)
Mista Vybe - Mad Again (Doc JonesHD Roadmix)
Mr. Spine - 747 Riddim (Mega Road Mix)
Nina Nyce - Make Space
Nina Nyce - One Mo Carnival
Ricardo Drue & Patrice Roberts vs Deadnau5 - Leaving With Some Chords
Shal Marshall and Screws - Police (DJ Carbon Roadmix)
Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel - Deputy Woman (Def Earz Refix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Behind The Truck (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (Tony Tempo Refix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (Sugark Down D Road Refix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (DJ Phaze Remix)
Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano HD - Fetting On (Roadmix)
SupaMario ft Mr Fresh - On D Road (Precision Road Mix)
Swappi - Nah Go Play (Road Mix)
Terri Lyons - Fed Up (DJ Ele Roadmix)
Umi Marcano - In Front Of Meh (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Umi Marcano - In Front Of Meh (Precision Road Mix)

2010 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2009 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

Beyonce - Single Ladies (Coconut Tree Riddim) Tony Tempo Remix
Blaxx - Tusty - (United Roadmix)
Blaxx & Pupa Lindy - Rum Oye (Illusion Mix)
Big Drew - Burning (Iron Trax Road Mix)
Da Ma$tamind & Patch - Rum & Roti (Def Earz Refix)
Da Mastamind & Patch - Rum & Roti (Illusion Mix)
Destra - Bacchanal (Razorshop Roadmix)
Destra - Sassiness (Razorshop Roadmix)
Devon Mattews & Ziggy Rankin - Bumpers (Roadmix)
Farmer Nappy - Belly Dancer (Refix)
Farmer Nappy - Go Brave (Precision PullOut Mix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Heavy T Remix (Unofficial Roadmix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Superblue (D'Enforcas Extended Roadmix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Superblue (D'Enforcas Roadmix)
Fay-Ann-Lyons ft Beenie Man - Wine Fast (United Refix)
Fay-Ann Lyons ft Superblue - Meet Superblue (Scratch Master Roadmix)
H2O Phlo - 1 Dance (Road Mix)

Kes, Ravi B, Hunter And Drupatee - Jepp Sting Naina (Extended Remix)
KMC - Am Not Drunk (Illusion Mix)
KMC vs Benny Benasi - Am Not Drunk (Third Bass Refix)
Machel Montano HD - Mesmerize (Bass Knockin Refix)
Machel Montano HD - Wild Antz (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano, Lil John & Pitbull - Floor On Fire (Precision Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD ft Umi Marcano - Block To Block (Enforcas Remix)
Ricky T - Too Much Rum In Your Glass (Road Mix)
RoboMan - RoboMan Say (BamBam Refix)
Shal Marshall - Bum Bum Ville (Illusion Mix)
Shal Marshall - Bum Bum Ville (D'Enforcas Official Roadmix)
Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U. - You (Enforcas Roadmix)
Skinny Banton & Master Links - Drunk Again (DJ Pirate Official Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad (Hyperactive RED-Mix)
Slammer Cutter - Hangover (Official Road Mix)

2009 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2greedi - Five (Dominica)
2greedi - I Want You Girl (Dominica)
2Greedi - Memories (Dominica)
2greedi & Daddy Chess - 1 Flag (Dominica)
2greedi ft Harella - Hang Over (Remix)
3Suns - Give It Up (La Douma Riddim)
3Suns - High Fever (Get Ya Riddim)
3Suns - Satisfied (Gangsta Barbie Riddim)
3Suns - Schizo Flava
3Suns ft Busy Signal - Creation of Girls
Adrian Dutchin - Bumper Fever (La Douma Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin - Like Whoie (Teasam Riddim)
Adrian Dutchin & Terry Gajraj - All Rum Drinkers (Pour More)
Ajala - On De Road
Alaine ft Machel Montano - Tonight
Alison Hinds - All Night Iron
Alison Hinds, Destra Garcia & Denise Belfon - Obsessive Winers (Cyah Wine Like We)
Alison Hinds, Peter Ram and Hunter - Ah Bottle
Ainsley King - Bawl Out
Anslem Douglas - Going Sailing
Ark Angel - Go Down
Ayanna La Borde - Demonstrate
Ayanna La Borde - Get Away
Ayanna La Borde ft Ziggy Ranking - In The Mood
Beenie Man & Fay-Ann Lyons - Wine Faster (Laduma Riddim)
Beenie Man ft Trini Jacobs - Superstar
Benjai - Drunk Again
Benjai & Scarface - Tanty Say (Laduma Riddim)
Bezo - Chocolate Stick
Bezo - Fire
Bezo - Madness
Big Drew - De Ride
Big Drew - Soca Piper
Big Red - Gimme De Wine (Teasam Riddim)
Big Red - Wine Factory (Guyana)
Blackie ft KMC - Form Ah Line An Wine
Blaxx - Tusty
Blaze & Jay-W - Work
Blazer - Jumpy
Blazer - Lap Dance (S-Latino Riddim)
Boone Chatta - Pretty Girls (Germany)
Boone Chatta - Roll Dat (Germany)
Boone Chatta - Watah Meh (Germany)
Bunji Garlin - Banana (Bus Stop Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Clear De Road
Bunji Garlin - Fire Now (S-Latino Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Line Up (Bump & Grind)
Bunji Garlin - Plenty Gyal (Fix It Up Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - We Done Deh (La Douma Riddim)
Bunji Garlin ft Beenie Man - Plenty Gyal (Remix)
Bunji Garlin ft Beenie Man - Plenty Gyal (Get Jiggy Refix)
Burton Toney - Find You
Burton Toney - Only You
Caribole Da Rebel - Push
Chardanai - Do You Want It
Chardanai - Expensive
Chardanai - Hush Ya Mouth
Choppa - Luv Meh Soca
Chucky - First Wine
Colour Quest - Carnival Time
Colour Quest - Party Up
Colour Quest - Sexy Lady
Colour Quest - What Women Want
Crazy - Body Talk
Crazy - Bruising
Crazy - It Hard
Crazy & Soca Rebels - Let's Have A Party
Cross Check - Bite Me
Cross Check - Plead Da Blood
Cross Check - Simon Seszz
Cross Check & Ajala - Simon Say
Crossovah - Outta Control (Draggering Wine)
Crossovah - Rock Your Body
Crossovah - Test D Foundation (Coconut Tree)
Crossovah ft Tizzy, Red Rat & Da Ma$tamind - Proud to Be
Culture B - Shift Gear
Da Ma$tamind - Celebration (Karma Carnival Band Theme)
Da Ma$tamind & Lyrikal - J'ouvert Jam
Da Ma$tamind & Patch - Rum and Roti
D'Achee - Lipso Music
D'Achee - Start de Jam
Dale Saunders - Never Wanna See You Cry
Dark Angel - Fete With No Regret
David Rudder, Bunji & Fayann - 3 Colors
David Rudder, Bunji & Fayann - 3 Colors (Remix)
David Rudder, Bunji & Fayann - 3 Colors (DJ Vibesman Remix)
Denise Belfon - Licks
Destra Garcia - Bacchanal
Destra Garcia - D Trini Way
Destra Garcia - Hott [Buy Now]
Destra Garcia - Sassiness [Buy Now]
Devon Matthews & Lord Nelson - La La Remix
Devon Matthews & Ziggy Ranking - Keep Them Bumpers Rolling
Dragon - Love The Way
E-Jo - Bring Out De Wine (Touch Up Riddim)
El-A-Kru ft Tizzy & Richard Trumpet - Wuk Me (Remix)
Esco Da Shocker - To The Road (Step Out Riddim)
Esther 'SStar' Dyer - On That Day
Eunice Peters - Call Meh Name
Eustace Bessor - Nah Goin
Eustace Bessor ft Ace and Menace of 3 Suns - Prayer
Eveready - Go Down
Farmer Nappy - Go Brave
Farmer Nappy ft Red Rat - Belly Dancer (Vanguards Remix)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Heavy T (Bus Stop Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Super Blue (2009 Road March)
Fireball - My Name Is Fireball
Fire Fusion - In De Gully
Flipo - Round Here
Flo PG - Give Me Love
G Money - Guyanese Girl
Gailann - Energy (Crazee Riddim)
Gailann - Sexy Jook
Gailann - So Sweet (Candy Carnival)
Gary Cordner - Soca Music
General Grant - Sexy Shorts
Georgie Blacks - Bend All Over
H2O Phlo - Rock Yuh Body (Wuk It Up Riddim)
Heaven 'Snakey' Charles - Dagger For J'ouvert
Heaven 'Snakey' Charles - Wake Me Up
Impulse - 2 Notes
Iwer George - Ready
Iwer George ft Ziggy Rankin - Ready (Remix)
Iwer ft Ziggy Rankin' - We Like It (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Jade Lopez - Bum Bum
Jade Lopez ft Pitbull - Bum Bum (Remix)
Jadee - Cyah Touch Mih (Xante Riddim)
Jadee - You Don't Have Too (Breakback Riddim)
Jadee - We Doh Fraid
Jadee & Positive - Zion (Road Block Riddim)
Jadine - Do It Better
Jamesy P - Soca Daggering (Wuk It Up Riddim)
Jalena - Bumpa (BVI)
Johnny King - Why Not
JMC 3veni ft KI - Head For D Stage
JMC 3Veni ft KMC - Lovah Gone
JMC 3Veni ft Santeney & H2O Phlo - Take You There
JW & Blaze - Bom Bom (La Douma Riddim)
Keegan Taylor - Reverse
Keegan Taylor - Touch It (Gangsta Barbie Riddim)
Keegan Taylor & Sparrow - Mr. Walker
Kekere - Baby Girl
KeKeRe - Gone
KeKeRe and KK - Wuk Up Your Bumpa
KeKeRe ft Spranalang - Jab Jab On De Road (Remix)
Kes The Band - This Feeling
KES the Band - Thunder
Kes The Band - Till the Morning
Kes The Band - We Own
Kerwin Du Bois - Put Me Out
Kerwin Du Bois & Shal Marshall - Cyar Hear Yuh
Kerwin Du Bois ft David Rudder - Socababy
Kevon Carter & Wildfire - Ramajay
Kevon Carter ft Jimmy Nutron - Can't Forget
Kevin Lyttle - Dangerous
Kevin Lyttle - Fyah (Remix)
Khari Kill - Call Me (Te Pica Riddim)
Khari Kill - Set Up (911 Riddim)
KMC - Am Not Drunk
KMC - Doh Tape Meh (Step Out Riddim)
KMC - I Will
KMC - Living Water (Long Version)
KMC - Living Water (Short Version)
KMC - Yeast (Fix It Up Riddim)
KMC - Yeast (Get Jiggy Refix)
Kulaz - Heaven
Kulaz - Lovin Affair (Ndiya Riddim Remix)
Kulcha Don ft Jadine - Wickedest Wine (Montserrat'08)
Kuttit ft D Life & Kerry D Drummer - Wine 4 Ur Life (Remix)
Laurenzo Gonzalez - Move It Like This
Laurenzo Gonzalez & Mr. Killa - Go Low
Lil Bitts ft Olatunji - Dis Year
Lima Calbio - Cyah Lie
Lisa & Burton Toney - Shawty
Logun - Gih Dem D
Lovey - Trini Road
Lyon I - Say We Wining (Breakback Riddim)
Lyon I - Want Me A Lover
Lyrikal - All Over De Gyal
Lyrikal - All Over De Gyal Rhythm Mix (ver 21)
Machel Montano HD - Magic Drum
Machel Montano HD - Mesmerize
Machel Montano HD - Ravin (Ravers Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Wild Antz
Machel Montano HD - Won't Stop
Machel Montano HD ft Busy Signal - Push Bumpers (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft Collie Buddz - Fly Away
Machel Montano ft Lil Jon & Pitbull - Fire On The Floor
Machel Montano HD ft Make It Happen - Pray
Machel Montano HD ft Umi Marcano - Block To Block

Maddness - Passion For Soca
Maffie - Soca Rebels
Maffie & Crew - Safe Texts & Party Animal Rmx
Major Riley - You Done Know
Maximus Dan - Blast Off (Step Out Riddim)
Maximus Dan - U Crazy (Gangsta Barbier Riddim)
Maximus Dan & Live Wire - Home Sweet Home (TV Edit)
Maximus Dan ft Mx Prime - Make It Alright
Maximus Dan ft Mx Prime - Make It Alright (Video Mix)
Michelle Sylvester - Crazy In Love
Michelle Sylvester - Jam It
Michelle Sylvester & Heaven 'Snakey' Charles - More Than Friends
Michelle Sylvester & Menace - Chop In Yuh Water (Road Block)
Mista Vybe - Jab Jab
Mista Vybe - Pony Ride (Touch Up Riddim)
Mista Vybe - Wining Time
Mista Vybe & Terry Seales - Roll Back Yuh Bumper (Road Block)
Mo'Lava ft Rusty and Hifan - Wuh Yuh Waiting For
Mr. Blacks - She Wants Me
Mr. Blacks & Cherrise - Do You Want Me (Let's Go Riddim)
Mr. Blacks and Cherrise - Trinidad
Mr. Diamond - Put It On Me (National Pride Riddim)
Mr. Fuss & Statix - Take Ah Wine And Hush Yuh Mouth
Mr. Shammi - Hav Ah Time
Mr. Shammi - Turning Me On
Mr. Slaughter - Allright
Mr. Slaughter - Dagger (Gangsta Barbie Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter - Matador
Mr. Slaughter - Staggering
Mr. Slaughter ft Signature Blaze - Sweet Like
Mr. Slaughter - Stamina (S-Latino Riddim)
Mr. Sparks - Sweet
Mr. Vegas - Soca No Linga
Mr. Volts - Energy
Sprangalang & KeKeRe - Santimanitay Soca
Ms. Alysha ft Alison Hinds - Fly Away
Ms. Alysha ft Peter Ram - Comin Down
Ms. Alysha & Michelle Sylvester - Jouvert Jam (Touch Up Riddim)
Ms. Diamond - Caribbean Swag
Ms. Diamond - Caribbean Swag (Soca Child Remix)
Ms. Diamond - Wrapped Up
Nadia Batson - Bumpers Rule (Fix It Up Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Bumpers Rule! (Get Jiggy Refix)
Nadia Batson - Champions
Nadia Batson - Play Mas
Nadia Batson & Ms. Alysha - Road Block (Road Block Riddim)
Nella D - Hardest Jam
Nella D - No Waiting
Nnika & Faye Ann - Gettin On Wild
Octane - Misbehave Yourself
Olatunji - Bumperlicious
Olatunji Yearwood - Riding (Road Block Riddim)
Omar ft Blaxx - Ghetto
Omari Ferrari - Drink and a Wine
Omari Ferrari, Lil Rick, Slaughter - Baila (Remix)
Pampute - Winein Master (La Douma Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Bubbling Gal
Patrice Roberts - Sway In D Mas (Ravers Riddim)
Patrice Roberts ft Machel Montano HD - Simply Everything
Patrice Roberts & Umi Marcano - Wanna Show You
Pelf - Best Woman
Philly - Anything
Prestan ft King David - Short Pants (Remix)
Promise - Jus A Lil Bit (Antigua)
Pupa Leendi ft Blaxx - Rum Oye (Rum Oh Remix)
Quacy Cooper - Sweet Island
R.D.X feat Donella - Show Me Yuh Colours
R.D.X ft Rusty - Nevah
Ragga - Chippin Down De Road
Ragga - Chipping Down De Road Remix
Ragga - Take It Or Leave It
Ragga - We Ready
Ragga ft Scar - Chippin Megamix
Revelation - Sally
Revelation ft Terri Lyons - In My Life
Revelation ft Zebulun & Kenyatta - Water
RG (Roger George) - Fever
RG (Roger George) - Mug Fest
Richie Redz - Roll Dat Bumper
Richie Redz - Turn It Up
Ridiculas ft Jamarkie - Wine Down Low
Ricky T - Ole' (Up In De Air) (Fire Riddim)
Rita Jones - Put Some Wine On Me (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Rita Jones - Queens Of The Road
Rizon - Not For Long
RoboMan - Bam Bam
Rocky - Spice Up Yuh Life
Romie & Mr Lexx - Watch Me (S-Latino Riddim)
Rudy - Closer (One Night Riddim)
S.W Storm - J'ouvert Morning
S.W Storm - Juicy Lips
S.W Storm - Sailing
Sanelle Dempster - Rudeness (Xante Riddim)
Sanelle Dempeter - Touch Meh Up (Touch Up Riddim)
Scarface - In and Out
Scrappy - Be Mine (Montserrat)
Scrappy - Start To Bounce (Montserrat)
Shal Marshall - Bum Bum Ville
Sheldon Douglas - Do Thing Gyul (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Sherwin Smith - Canboulay
Shineyboi - English Ting (Official Mix - Notting Hill 2009)
Shugga - Tick Tock
Shurwayne Winchester - You
Shurwayne Winchester - Wanna Make Love
Shurwayne Winchester - Wicked
Shurwayne Winchester ft Cecile - Rough Wine
Shurwayne Winchester & Maxi Priest - Make it Yours
Signature Blaze - Mesmerized
Silver - Chit Chat
Silvah - On De Road
Sizwe C - Fiyah
Sizwe C - Fiyah (Afterdark & Crown Price Refix)
Skhi - We Alright
Skinny Banton - No War
Skinny Banton - Work Your Waist
Skinny Banton ft Master Links - Drunk Again
Skinny Fabulous - Get On Bad (Fire Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Head Bad Remix (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - Bad So (Bad So Riddim)
Slammer Cutter - Hangover
Slammer Cutter - Pace
Slammer Cutter & Hitman - Hangover (Chutney Remix)
Staceylicious ft Baba Shanta - Wine
SupaMario - J'ouvert Morning (De Rebirth)
Super Jigga TC - Again
Super Jigga TC - Frontline (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Super Jigga TC - Just Wine
Super Markie - Roll It (Guyana)
Super Markie, Big Red, B52 - Baker Man
Super P - People Gonna Talk (One Night Riddim)
Tarah Holdipp - Love De Carnival
TB Joocie - It's Time (UK)
Teddyson 'TJ' John ft Mad Cobra - Wine Up On Me (Remix)
Terra Mike - Party (One Night Riddim)
Terri Lyons - Over Dey
Terry Seales - Back It Up (Touch Up Riddim)
Terry Seales - Gimme De Wine
The First Serenade Band ft Hefner and Fingaz - Block and Tackle (Dominica)
Third Bass - Mih Head
Third Bass - Obama (Coconut Tree Riddim)
Third Bass - Pinata
Third Bass ft Fridge (H20 Phlo) - Secrets Drop
Third Bass & Olatunji - Section
Tigeress - Yuh Ent See Wajang Yet (Soca Remix)
Tony Matterhorn - Nobody's Goin Home
Tony Wylie - Time To Feel Good
Traffik ft Eddie Charles - Goin' Up
Traffik ft Shayne Bailey - Sweetness
Tricia Hamilton - Slumber Party
Tricia Hamilton ft Mista Vybe - Chatter
Trini Jacobs - Scandal
Trini Jacobs - Sexy Boo (Fix It Up Riddim)
Trini Jacbos - Sexy Boo (Get Jiggy Refix)
Trinity - Baby Slow It Down
Trinity - Oh (Wukkup Riddim)
Trinity - Wine With You
Trinity ft Problem Child - Got My Attention
Trumi Simba - Soca Child (Tobago)
Umi Marcano - Roll Gal
Umi Marcano - Some More
Uncle Sam - Break My Stride (Jammas)
Uncle Sam ft Mr. Slaughter - If You Can Wine
Ventures ft Knycky Cordner - Bam Bam Takeover
Ventures ft Sugar Rae - Aye
Verse - Dat Girl
Verse ft RockCity, RoboMan, Mr.Evil & Mr. Slaughter - Whinen It (Jus Bus & Precision Productions Remix)
Virgo - Down D Road
Virgo - You
Ward 1 - Move Up Yuh Body
Wendell Ian 'Myztikal' Moreau - Rock With Me
X2 - Ain't Leaving (Guyana)
X2 - Tick Tock (DJ Massive Remix)
Xtreme Band - Give It To Me (British Virgin Islands)
Xtreme Band - On De Road (British Virgin Islands)
Xtreme Band - Work Your Body (British Virgin Islands)
Ying Yang Twins ft Wyclef - Dangerous (758 Soca Remix)
Young Voice - Jumper Cable
Yung Fire - No Behavior
Zan - Hold You Down
Zan - Slip Away
Zan - Slip Away (Iron Mix)
Ziggy D - D Heat Is On
Ziggy Rankin - Break Up To Make Up
Ziggy Rankin - Wuk Up
Ziggy Rankin - Nah Nah (Breakback Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - This Time (Fix It Up Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - This Time (Get Jiggy Refix)


Blaxx (Roy Cape) - Breathless (Road Mix)
Brick & Lace ft Kes - Love Is Wicked (Pullout Alternate)
Brick & Lace ft Kes - Love Is Wicked (Remix)
Bunji Garlin - Bomb Song (Scratch Refix)
Devon Matthews - Jouvert (Road Mix)
Destra ft Sean Paul - Free It Up (Road Mix)
El-A-Kru - Bounce (Precision Road Mix)
Farmer Nappy - Chippin' (Road Mix)
Fay Ann Lyons - Get On (Tony Tempo Road Mix)
J Holiday - Bed (D'Enforcas Soca Refix)
Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time (Tony Tempo Soca Iron Refix)
KeKeRe - WAP (Vengeance Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey (Illusion Mix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey (Precision Road Mix)
Kes The Band - Right Dey (Tony Tempo Road Mix)
Kerwin Du Bois ft Baba Shanta - 2 Days (Remix)
Lil Wayne & T-Pain ft Terry Felicia & Jah Bami - Got Money (Soca Refix)
Yoko - Antigua Style
Machel Montano HD - Blazin D Trail (Road Mix)
Machel Montano HD - Push Bumpers (DJ Dee Remix)
Mary J. Blige - Just Fine (DJ Spice Mix)
Mary J. Blige ft G4orce - Just Fine (Soca Mix)

Mr. Dale - Soka Junkie Remix (Tony Tempo)
Ms. Alysha/Mista Vybe/Roboman - We Own D Road (Road Mix)
Ms. Triniti - Wi Burnin (Woy Yoy Yoy) (Illusion)
Nadia Batson - My Posse (Precision Extended Road Mix)
Nadia Batson - My Posse (Precision Road Mix)
Neko - In De Air (Road Mix)
Ne-Yo - Miss Independent (T-One Soca Remix)
Pelf - Bumper (Road Mix)
Private 6 ft Orion - Calina (Road Mix)
Problem Child - Party Animal (Road Mix)
Ricky T - Pressure Boom (758 Club Mix)
Sanelle Dempster - Heat (Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Road Jam (Razorshop Remix)
Shurwayne Winchester ft Collie Buddz - Alequa (Hip Hop Refix)
Shurwayne ft Johnny King - Whole Day (Razorshop Road Mix)
Skhi - Desire (Road Mix)
Skinny Fabulous - Malibu and Pine (Road Mix)
Slammer Cutter - Do What Yuh Want (Precision Mix)
Sizwe C - Wine On You Road Mix (Tony Tempo)
Trey Songz - Can't Help But Wait (DJ Spice Soca Mix)

2008 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2greedi - Hang Over (Dominica)
3 Canal - Never Give Up (Nah Leggo) [Buy Now]
3rd Bass - D Anthem (Ah Want To B)
3rd Bass & 3Suns - Take You To The Bar
3Suns - Bump On It (The iRiddim)
3Suns - Phenomenal
3Suns - Sexy Wine
3Suns - Workin Girls (Banjo Riddim)
3Suns - Working Girls
Adrian Dutchin - 360 Wine (Guyana)
Adrian Dutchin - No Place Like Home (Guyana)
Alison Hinds - Blazing
Alison Hinds - Thundah
Alize - Groovy Soca
Anslem Douglas - All Inclusive
Augusta - Mister DJ
Baba Shanta - Independant Ladies
Baba Shanta - We On D Road
Baba Shanta and Benjai - Coming Down
Baba Shanta and Postman - Road Jam
Baylisia - Carnival Will Make You Free
Baylisia - Jump In Da Street
Baylisia - Walk and Whine
Benjai - Wine Like Dem (Slu Riddim)
Bezo - Reverse It (Remix)
Berbice ft Shurwayne - Traffic (Remix)
Big Drew - Bang Bang (3 D Hardway)
Big Drew - Burning
Big Drew ft A.K.A - Carnival Time (3 D Hardway)
Big Drew ft Ms Diamond - Waistline Thumper
Biggie Irie - Jump If Ya Jumpin' (Barbados)
Biggie Irie & Ziggy Rankin - Band On Fyah (Rmx)
Billy D Kid - True Caribbean Gyal
Blackie - Doh Bother Me
Blaxx (Roy Cape All Stars) - Breathless [Buy Now]
Blaxx ft Blaxx Ziggy Rankin - D Plea [Buy Now]
Blaxx ft Kernal Roberts - Whole Nite
Blazer Dan - Waistline
Bud - Walk and Wine
Bud - Wine For Me (Bluetooth Riddim)
Buddist - From De Monastery
Bumper Soprano - Ella
Bunji Garlin - Bad and Famous (Lehgo Me Riddim) [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Beep Beep (Banjo Riddim) [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Jump and Blaze [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Firey [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Help [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Mash Up [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin - Zum Zum [Buy Now]
Bunji Garlin ft Mr. Evil - Pretty Hott (Response Riddim)
B-Unique - Misbehaving
Casa De Leones ft Rupee - No Te Veo (Remix)
Chardanai - Mental
Chardanai - Soca Feelin
Chico Debarge - Up Under Me
Choklet - Do It
Charlo - Cane Juice
Charlo - Hungry Cat
Colin "The CEO" Jackman - All Inclusive Anthem
Colin "The CEO" Jackman ft Kashish - Let's Do It
Crazy - Blast Off
Crazy - Bumper Sensation
Crazy - Doh Waste Yuh Wine
Crazy - Doh Waste Yuh Wine (Jouvert Mix)
Crazy - Electrician
Crazy - Phone Card [Buy Now]
Crazy - Planet Soca
Crazy - Rumble
Crazy, Superblue, Chris Garcia, Wax - Redd
Cross Check - Horn Fuh De Road
Cross Check - Mandingo
Crossovah - Doing Just Fine
Crossovah - Legacy of the West Indies
Crossovah - Wuk Up Your Waste
Cutty - Caribbean Lady
Dil-E-Nadan & Bunji Garlin - Band On Fire
D'Hitman & Bunji Garlin - Country Rum
Darkie - Wuk Yuh
De Postman - Drop Him
Denise Belfon - Bam Bam Fever
Denise Belfon - Rude Gyal Anthem (Bluetooth Riddim)
Destra Garcia - Hooked
Destra Garcia - High
Destra Garcia - Saddle (Banjo Riddim)
Destra Garcia & Sean Paul - Free It Up
Devo - Soca Boy
Devon Matthews - Jouvert
Devon Matthews - Wine Down
Devon Matthews and Ziggy Rankin - Lovely
Diamond Cut - It's Coming
Domino Kat - Runner (Thunderbird Riddim)
Eclectik - Roboman
Elephant Man - Dancehall Soca (Response Riddim)
Ejo & Sanell Dempster - Naked
Elo - Our Time (Bonita Riddim)
Elvis White & Crew - Don't Take Him Back
Elvis White and Crew - Groove Me
Enur ft Vybz Kartel - Calabria
Erica Reid - Touch Me
Erphaan Alves - Soca Movin On
Esco - Dreaming (Response Riddim)
Esco aka The Shocker - Bus A Wine
Farm P ft Kerwin Du Bois - Sexy Chocolate Girls (Remix)
Farmer Nappy - Chippin'
Farmer Nappy ft Anthony B - Chippin' (Remix)
Farmer Nappy - Doh Move (Slu Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - Get On (TnT Road March'08) [Buy Now]
Fay-Ann Lyons - Road Call
Fay-Ann Lyons - Who Standing (Lehgo Me Riddim)
Fimba - All You Got (St. Vincent)
Fimba - Eyes On U (St. Vincent)
Fimba - Wining, Wining (St. Vincent)
Fireball - Pele Pele Pa
Franco - Feel The Hype
Gailann - Candy Carnival
Gailann & Skinny Fabulous - Escape (Bluetooth Riddim)
Gary Cordner - Seduction
Gary Cordner - Seduction (Remix)
Gemstone - Gyal Wine
Gemstone - Soca Party
Ghetto Flex - B.A.B.Y
Ghetto Flex ft Snow - B.A.B.Y (Remix)
Gillian - Ride It
H20 Phlo - 1 Dance
Harella - Higher (Dominica)
Hunter - Bring It
Hunter & Bunji Garlin - Bring It (Remix)
Incredible Myron B - Bacchanal Nation
Impulse - Chinee
Iwa - Annou Allez (Leggo Me Riddim)
Iwer George - 10 Days
Iwer George - Jump Forward
Iwer George - Jump Forward (Remix 1)
Iwer George - Jump Forward (Remix 2)
Iwer George - Over Yuh Head
Iwer George - Over Yuh Head (Remix)
J-Khan - Juk (Lehgo Me Riddim)
J-Khan - Rags
Jadee - Not Inna Dat
Jadine De Soca Deva & Kamau - Stay In Touch
Jamesy P - Bashment Freaks (St. Vincent)
Jamesy P - Work of Art (St. Vincent)
Jamesy P ft Cecile - Do Me Baby (St. Vincent/JA)
Jamesy P & Jason Benn - Miami Carnival Anthem (Remix)
Jason Benn - Boat Ride Time Again
JMC 3veni ft Remmi-D - Can't Take Trini Outta Me
Jose' Torso - To Hell Wit It
Jungle - Come Baby
Junior Don - Lamabada Wine (Soca Hybrid)
Junior Don - Rags on Fire (Soca Hybrid)
Junior Don - Rama (Soca Hybrid)
Junior Don - U.R.D. 1 (Soca Hybrid)
JW & Blaze - Bamcee-ology
Kai (7 yr old) - Do You Like Me
Kamau Georges - 3some
Kamau Georges - Soca Fever
Kamau Georges ft Jamesy P - Network (Nookie Man Remix)
Kat Deluna ft Ziggy Rankin - Whine Up
Keilon Keil George - Time To Mash Up
KeKeRe - WAP (Dance With Me)
Ken Hunter - Fusion
Keron James - Hot & Wet
Kerwin Du Bois - 2 Days
Kerwin Du Bois ft Baba Shanta - 2 Days (Remix)
Kerwin Du Bois - Never Leave Ya
Kerwin Du Bois & Shal Marshall - Gyal Farm
Kes The Band - Right Dey [Buy Now]
Kes The Band - The Remedy
Kes The Band & Mista Vybe - Wave It Away
Kevin Lyttle - Fire
Kevon Carter - U Make Me
Kimberly Dopson - Party Tonight (Response Riddim)
Klara - Winance Total
KMC - Carnival Clap
KMC - Cool U Down
KMC - Party Animal
KMC - Up In De Air
KMC ft Beenie Man - Party Animal (Remix)
KMC ft Shabba Ranks - Born As A Winner
Knycky Cordner - Merge
Kulaz - Keep It On D Low
Kuttit - Drunk and Dotish
Lady Lydz - Can't Let Go (Grenada)

Lakry - Jump Up (Bluetooth Riddim) (France)
Laurenzo Gonzalez - La Fiesta (Remixed Version)
Leon Coldero - Kalawatie
Leon Coldero - Kalawatie (Remix)
Lil' Bitts - On Fire
Lil' Bitts - No Place Like Home
Lil Man - Fiah Man (Guyana)
Lima Calbio - Go Down
Liquid Lee - Single & Free (S&F)
Logikal - Carnival Is Coming Near (Carnival 2K8 Riddim)
Lovey - Hit On It
Lyon I - Hypnotized (Response Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Blazin' D Trail [Buy Now]
Machel Montano HD - Blazin' D Trail (Drum Mix) [Buy Now]
Machel Monanto HD - Make Love [Buy Now]
Machel Montano HD - Jamishness (Lehgo Me Riddim)
Machel Montano HD - Unconditional [Buy Now]
Machel Monanto HD - Wining Season (Barbershop Riddim)
Machel Montano HD ft Buju Banton - Make Love (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft David Rudder - Oil and Music [Buy Now]
Machel Monanto HD ft Mr. Vegas - One More Time (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft Pitbull & Lil Jon - Defense (The Anthem)
Machel Montano HD ft Shaggy - Wining Season (Remix)
Machel Montano HD ft The Mighty Sparrow - Congo Man
Machel Montano & Busta Rhymes - Let Me See
Machel Montano HD & Claudette Peters - Come Rise
Machel Montano HD & Patrice Roberts - Rollin' [Buy Now]
Maddzart ft D'Lanlord - Up In Here (Bluetooth Riddim)
Maffie & Crew - Girls Gone Wild
Maffie & Crew - Safe Texts
Maffie & Crew - Safe Texts (Remix)
Maffie ft Malachi and Renita Drakes - Safe Texts (Remix)
Major Riley - Put Down De Guns
Major Riley - Wooy Fireman (Put It Out)
Marlon D Manager - Carnival Vibes
Master Logikal ft Terri Lyons, Snake Man & Trilla - Whining Time Again (Bluetooth Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Land Dem (Response Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Outlaw (Gyal Touch Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Piranha
Maximus Dan - Wine Up Ting (Banjo Riddim)
Michelle Sylvester - That Thing You Do (Gyal Touch Riddim)
Michelle Sylvester ft Menace - That Thing You Do (Remix)
Michelle Sylvester - Take It
Militant - Dat Will Do
Militant - Like We Use To (Long Ago)
Militant - When Love Goes Wrong
Mista Vybe - Life
Mr. Chucky - Carnival Fever
Mr. Chucky & Choko - Abyss
Mr. Dilagent - Jouvert
Mr. Evil - We Luv The Girls (Response Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter - Admire You
Mr. Slaughter - Rasta Party
Mr. Slaughter - Stage Time (Set Up Riddim)
Mr. Slaughter ft Shurwayne - Hard Worker (Bluetooth Riddim)
Mr. Spine & Blazer - Got It Going On
Mr. Vegas ft Destra - On The Floor
Ms. Alysha - We Own D Road
Ms. Alysha - Work Him Out (7 o'clock News Riddim)
Ms. Glamorous (Keisha Stewart) - Carnival In The Air
Ms. Triniti - Woy Yoy Yoy (Wi Burnin)
Nadia Batson - Confusion
Nadia Batson - Love of My Life (Meri Zindagi)
Nadia Batson - Mind Yuh Business
Nadia Batson - My Posse [Buy Now]
Nadia Batson & Mista Vybe ft Iko - Chica (Response Riddim)
Neko - In De Air
Neppy K - Chop In Water
Ninjitsu - Wataps
Nnika - Do Meh What Yuh Want (Grenada)
Olatunji (Roy Cape All Stars) - Having A Time [Buy Now]
Olatunji (Roy Cape All Stars) - Throw Yuh Frame [Buy Now]
Omari Ferrari - Baila
Quacy Cooper - Attention
Ozy Majiq - Party Time Again
Ozy Majiq - Tankalang
Patch ft Da Ma$tamind - De Tail Gone
Patch ft Mastamind - De Tail Gone (Remix)
Patrice Roberts - Mo Wuk
Patrice Roberts - Thunder Waist
Patrice Roberts - Wukkin Up (Barbershop Riddim)
Patrice ft Macka Diamond - Wukkin Up (Remix)
Pelf - Bumper (Headlights)
Pelf - Give Me Some Water
Peter C. Lewis - More Gyal (Lehgo Meh Riddim)
Peter C. Lewis - Over and Over
Peter C. Lewis & Benjai - Over & Over (Remix)
Peter Ram - Tight (Barbershop Riddim)
Peter Ram ft Aidonia - Pumpin' (Remix) (Barbados)
Private 6 ft Orion - Calina
Problem Child - Gala Last (St. Vincent)
Problem Child - Weh Yuh From (Lehgo Me Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Bun Dem Out
Ragga - Waist (Bluetooth Riddim)
Ragga - Waist (Remix Bouyon Style)
Ragga ft Daria - Am Not Leavin
Ragga & Lyrikal - Go Down
Ragga ft Lyrikal & Princess - Wine for Me
Rankin Taxi - Mental Slavery (Thunderbird Riddim)
Red Cherry - Party Time
Remmi-D - Can't Take Trini Outta Me (Unplugged)
Rhianna ft Mr. Slaughter - Please Don't Stop The Soca
Richie Redz - Behind De Truck
Ricky T - Put Up Your Hand (Anous Alles Riddim)
Ricky T ft Capleton - Put Up Your Hand (Remix)
Rikki Jai ft Da Ma$tamind - Pagal
Rita Jones - Turn It Up
Rizon & Maximus Dan - We Doh Fear (Remix)
Rocky - You Make Me Feel Good
Rootsman & Ghetto Flex - Bag of Sugar
S.W Storm - Take Ah Drink
Sandy & Ms. Alysha - Bad Like That
Sanell Dempster and Ms Alysha - Always Ready
Scarface - Dip It
Scarface - Gimme That Gyal (The iRiddim)
Scrappy - Bumpa Control (Montserrat)
Sean Caruth - Down Dey
Sean Caruth - Wet Meh Down
Shammi - Tuttulbay
Shammi & Patch - Tuttulbay (Remix)
Shawn T (Rootsman's Son) - Wine On You
Sheldon Douglas - Personal Trainer (Bonita Riddim)
Shurwayne Winchester - Best On the Road
Shurwayne Winchester - Carnival Please Stay
Shurwayne Winchester - No More
Shurwayne Winchester - Road Jam
Shurwayne Winchester - Winer Girls
Shurwayne Winchester & Johnny King - Whole Day
Shurwayne & Nadia Batson - Loving Again
Shurwayne ft Collie Buddz - Alequa (Remix)
Silvah - Danger (Response Riddim)
Silver - Phone Card Reply
Sizwe C - Wine On You (Can You Feel It)
Skhi - Desire
Skhi - Vampire
Skinny Banton - Gangsta Soca
Skinny Banton - Horn For You
Slammer Cutter - Do What Yuh Want
Slammer Cutter - Never Know (The iRiddim)
Slammer Cutter - Timber (Wood Delivery)
Soca Johnny, Silvah & Flair - Caribbean Unity Medley
Soca Rebels - Get On Wassy And Jump (Sweden)
Soca Rebels - Hold Me Tight (Sweden)
Sonia - Wining Queen
Soulja Boy ft JA Katana - Crank Dat (Soca Remix)
Staceylicious - Rain
Staceylicious ft Rebel B - You (Remix)
Surge - This Girl
Terra B ft Tocos - Somebody New
Terra Mike - Get Juiced Up (British Virgin Islands)
Terra Mike - Winin (British Virgin Islands)
Terry Seales - Keep On Movin
Tony Prescott & Surface - Wukkin Up On Me
Tony Prescott ft Luta - Hey
Tony Prescott ft Snakey & Jobe - Cooler Jam
Trever Off Key, Walker & Alison Hinds - Never Too Late
Trini Jacobs - No Entry [Buy Now]
Trini Jacobs (Roy Cape All Stars) - Stars [Buy Now]
Umi Marcano - Flavor For Love
Umi Marcano - Turn It Around
Uncle Sam - Break My Stride
Unity Band - Crazy Girl
Vanilla - All Night Long (Guyana)
Vanilla ft Joselis - All Night Long Remix (Guyana)
Vocal Collaboration (Teddy B) - Is Carnival
Xtreme Band - All About Me (British Virgin Islands)
Xtreme Band - This Thug
Xtreme Band - We Belong (British Virgin Islands)
Yung Fire - Blue Moon
Zakiya ft Klase - Groove Meh
Zan - 2 For 1
Zan - Crying Out
Zan - Out On De Road
Zan - Super Wine (Slu Riddim)
Ziggy D - Splash Everything Wet
Ziggy Rankin - Coming To Get Ya (Bonita Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - I Buy Dat (Gyal Touch Riddim)
Ziggy Rankin - Jack It & Ride Up
Ziggy Rankin - Wine Yuh Waist (Response Riddim)
Zorro Chang ft Nicky B - If U Came To Party

2008 TOBAGO SOCA RELEASES Trinidad & Tobago

2007 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES Trinidad & Tobago

Alicia Keys - No One (DJ Spice Mix)
Blaxx - Dutty (Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Jumbie (Unofficial Road Mix)
Machel Montano - One More Time (Road Mix)
Maximus Dan ft Nigel Rohass - Flag Invasion (Road Mix)
Minmi ft Machel Montano - Sha Na Na (Road Mix)
Ms. Alysha - Unity (Precision Road Mix)

Mr. Slaughter - Spread The Love (Precision Road Mix)
Nadia Batson ft Kees - My Land (Road Mix)
Rikki Jai - Las Band (Precision Road Mix)
Sanelle Dempster - Chocolate (Road Mix)
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (DJ Tony Tempo Refix)
S.W Storm - One More (Road Mix)

2007 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)


2006 SOCA ROAD MIXES & REFIXES Trinidad & Tobago

Benjai & Machel Montano - Amnesty (G-Zone Refix)
Bunji & Triveni - Doi Festival (Black Talon Refix)
Destra Garcia - Max It Up (Illusion Road Mix)
Machel Montano - Scandalous (Illusion Mix)
Machel Montano - Scandalous (Mad People Refix)
Maximus Dan - God Army (Revolution Mix)
Miss Alysha ft. Faye Ann Lyons - Party (Road Mix)

Mista Vybe - Ting 4 D Road (Road Mix)
Patrice Roberts & Machel - Band Of The Year (G-Zone Refix)
Patrice Roberts & Machel - Band of The Year (Bandit/Jester)
Shurwayne Winchester - Can't Wait (Road Mix)
Shurwayne Winchester - Don't Stop (Illusion Remix)

2006 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2Ntrigue ft. Mr. Slaughter - Wave It
3 Canal - Rise
3Suns - Run Dhat
3Suns - Teaser
3Suns ft. Malene Younglao - Do Wap
Alison Hinds - Love Affair
Alison Hinds & Machel - Roll It (Remix)
Augusta - Anticipate
Augusta - Nah Leaving
Augusta & Pelf - Sunshine
Benjai ft Machel Montano - Amnesty
Bezo - Tro It Back
Bitts ft. Baron - Somebody (Remake)
Blackie - He Lie
Blaxx ft. Maximus Dan - I See
Blazer ft. Maximus, Bunji, Faye Ann - Somebody
Bud ft. Mistah Shak - Get Loose
Bunji Garlin - Bomb Song
Bunji Garlin - Doh Disrespect (Body Shot Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Fireman (Red Flag Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Indecent Behaviour
Bunji Garlin - Lick Down
Bunji Garlin - Out (Sahara Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Turn Me On
Bunji Garlin, 2Ntrigue, Ginuwine - Secrets
Bunji Garlin & JMC Triveni - Doi Festival
Bunji & Prophet Benjamin - Fire Fi Dem
Burton Toney - Enter The Road
Burton Toney - Now
Cableous - Let Go (Alert Riddim)
Candy Hoyte - Wuk Up
Candy Hoyte ft Shurwayne - Never Ending Carnival
Chantwell ft Lyrikal - Drive Me Crazy
D'Hitman - Rum Me Brother Say
D'Hitman ft. Ghetto Flex - Don't Hold Me Back (Rmx)
Damian Sogren - Single Now
Danger - Beat It
David Rudder ft. Bunji, Khafra & Kekere - Lady Sheila
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Feeling Nice
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Ghetto Man
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Mas Calling
Dawg-E-Slaughter - Up In Dat
Denise Belfon - Goodie
Denise Belfon - Leh We Do Dat
Denise Belfon & Macka Diamond - What Girls Like
Denyse Plummer - Wavers
Derrick Seales - Dr. Seales 2
Destra Garcia - Colours Again
Destra Garcia - Independent Ladies
Destra Garcia - Max It Up
Destra Garcia - Out Ah Time
Destra Garcia - Jumpin
Destra & Dil-E-Nadan - Aur Chale (Remix)
Dave Reid - Be afrAIDS
Dave Reid - Memories
Dave Reid - Waves
Diamond Cut - Be There
Elvis White - Soca Diva
Explainer ft. Maximus Dan - All Inclusive
Farm P - Crank Up (Alert Riddim)
Faye Ann Lyons - One Day
Faye Ann Lyons - Sahara (Sahara Riddim)
Faye Ann Lyons - That Is Carnival
Flame - Just Wanna Dance (Bouncy Riddim)
Flava - Tekk It (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Fryktion & Fimba - Let's Go
Fryktion ft. Ramon - Crazy Luv
Gailann - Hit & Run
Gailann - Look Excuse
Gailann - Road Calling (Gimme Room)
General Grant - Jump That
H2o Phlo - Funtime
H2o Phlo - High On The Dance Floor
H2o ft. Ziggy Rankin' - Try Again
Hunter & The Laventille Rhythm Section - Bring It Back
Hunter & The Laventille Rhythm Section - It's Ok
Hunter & The Laventille Rhythm Section - Promises
Imij & Co. ft. Michelle X - Commander
Impack2 - More Love (Peace In This Place)
Iwer George - Kisses
Iwer George - Seasons (Remix)
Iwer George - We Reach
JA Katana - Blow Yuh Whistle (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Jamesy P - Diabetic
Jamesy P ft. Faye Ann - Pushing It (Remix)
Juicy - Gone (Breeze Riddim)
Juicy ft. Fresh Life - Get This Party Started
Justin Cross - Moonlight
Kerwin Du Bois - Booty Talk
Kerwin Du Bois - Utterway (Alert Riddim)
Kerwin Du Bois ft. Scars - Booty Talk (Remix)
Kes The Band - Heads High
Kes The Band - Stay With Me
Kevon Carter - Call My Name
Khari Kill - Ghetto Chant
KMC - How We Do It
KMC - The Season Is Mine (St. Lucian Riddim)
KMC & Jungle - By Your Side
KMC ft Bounty Killer - 3 Miles (Remix)
KMC ft. Professor Ken Philmore - 3 Miles
KMC ft. Sizzla - For D Girls
Knycky Cordner - D Street (St. Lucian Riddim)
Leon Coldero - Saddle Up
Levi Myaz - Hotta Fire (Body Shot Riddim)

Lisa Toney - Wine On Me Closer
Lyrikal - De Hunter
Machel, Bunji, Shurwayne - Move With Us
Machel Montano - La Vida Del Carnival
Machel Montano - Scandalous (Delirious)
Machel Montano ft Andy Singh - O Larki
Maximus Dan - Damn Illiterate (Sahara Riddim)
Maximus Dan - Fighter (Soca Warrior)
Maximus Dan - God Army
Maximus Dan - Love Generation
Maximus Dan - Soca Rize
Maximus Dan - Whirlwind
Maximus Dan ft Jeunes Agape - Warrior Goal
Mel - Lose Control
Metric - Forward
Metric - We Are Marching
Metric - Tabbannca
Metric and Fryktion - International
Michelle Sylvester - Carnival Again
Michelle Sylvester & Mista Vybe - Always on My Mind
Michelle X - When Yuh Miss Me
Michelle X ft. J.O. - Flow
Mini Priest - Sexy Lady
Mr. Chucky - See You
Mista Vybe - Ting 4 D Road
Ms Alysha & Faye Ann Lyons - Party
Ms Alysha & Michelle Sylvester - 1 2 3 (Sahara Riddim)
Mystro D - Bend Yuh Back and Wine
Mystro D ft. Michelle Sylvester - Donkey 2K6 (Remix)
Mystro D ft. Michelle Sylvester - Maybe Tonight (Hip Hop)
Mystro D ft. Michelle Sylvester - Maybe Tonight
Nadia Batson - One Island
Nigel Lewis - Bounce With Me
Nigel Lewis - Walk Away
Ninjitsu - Jouvert
Nu-Vybes Band Int'l (Sugar Band) - Take It All
Nu-Vybes Band Int'l (Sugar Band) - Ting Lang
Onika Bostic & Machel Montano - Forever
Patrice Roberts & Machel - Band Of The Year (Road March'06)
Patrice Roberts & Zan - Always Be
Pelf - Jam On Somebody
Pelf - Body So Hot
Peter C Lewis - Find A Band
Postman ft. Bunji Garlin - Love Inside
Precious - When I Winin'
Precious ft. Machel Montano - Watch De People
Rae - Fire
Ragga - Miss Lady
Red Cherry - Gold Digger
Ridlah Red - Hot Gyrlz
Red Cherry - The Woman In Me
Rita Jones (Roy Cape) - Carnival Feeling
Ronnie McIntosh ft. Bunji & Faye Ann - Happy
Rupee - Tease Me
Russell Cadogan - Big Buttom Gal
Sanelle Dempster - Forever
Sarah Hansson - Never Knew
Scrappy - Always Home
Scrappy - Fyah Song
Scrappy - Me Inna Dat
Sean Caruth - Baby Girl
Shadow - Hypnosis 2006
Shal Marshall - Throw Your Hands Up
Shammi Salickram - Freedom
Shammi Salickram - Ready 4 Madness
Shammi Salickram - Trini Gyul
Shammi Salickram - Tuttulbay
Shawn Ma$tamind Noel & Da $pirit$ - J'ouvert Fiddler
Sheldon Douglas & Machel Montano - Gone Loose
Shelley Edwards - Cyclone Wine
Shurwayne Winchester - Can't Wait (Soca Monarch'06)
Shurwayne Winchester - Don't Stop (Groovy Soca Monarch)
Shurwayne Winchester - No Surrender
Shurwayne Winchester - Roll It
Shurwayne Winchester & Calypso Rose - Tempo
Slammer Cutter - Chinee Wuk
Slammer Cutter - No Scene (Alert Riddim)
Soca Bantan - Sexy (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Soca Johnny - We Jump
Soca Johnny - Who Ready To Fete
Soca Rebels - Soca Flight (Airport Version)
Staceylicious - Only You
Staceylicious - Respect (Not Because) (Sahara Riddim)
Staceylicious - Whiner Gyal, Whine Boy (Bodyshot Riddim)
Surge - In Your Timin' Girl
Surge - Why
S.W Storm - Bring It On
S.W Storm - Give It Up
S.W Storm - Roti & Rum
Terry Seals - Hello
ThickSauce - Sweet Trinbagonian Man
ThickSauce ft 2 Persistant - Baby
Tony Prescott & Surface - Wave
Tony Prescott - Genie
T.O.K. ft. Bunji & Moofire - Get Up Stand Up
Trini Jacobs - In Control (Hard Hitter Riddim)
Trini Jacobs - Independent
Trini Jacobs - Unify
Val - Girl's Night
Wen'D - My Kinda Man
Wen'D - Trini Carnival
Wen'D & General Grant - Baby Father
Zan ft. Machel Montano - The Heart of A Man

2005 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)

2004 SOCA RELEASES (MOSTLY T&T Trinidad & Tobago)


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