Paardenmarkt zuidlaren 2011 foto

Paardenmarkt zuidlaren 2011 foto

Linklist for photographers who dare to repair an modify their camera equipment.
Not every problem or idea is listed here - but most probaly you get some ideas what is possibly your way to get your result.

Current hint: My Own DIY Work

Please send me DIY links you know - but I don´t !  [email protected]

You are doing all at your (and your camera's) own risk! Please be very carefully with flash capacitors - the could harm your life! Ask an expert for high voltage!

The "en" or "de" or other mark behind the link description shows the language of the linked site:
en = English, de = German, fr = French, it = Italian


Some camera repair manuals, - en
Big Chinese tinkerer forum, - cn
Which lens has which iris ball diameter?, CChris / - de
General Camera Repair Tips, - en
Cleaning Techniques for Camera Shutters and other Camera Mechanisms, - en
Lens baffle to minimize stray light with crop cameras and full format lenses, Christophe Esperado - fr
How (not) to clean your lenses, Manuel Lino - en
Repair- Forum of the Manual Focus Forums - en
Rodenstock Rodagon 150mm 5.6 lens separartion repair, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Build your own homemade trail camera, Hag's House - en
Japanese JCIS-screws in cameras and lenses, - en
DIY APS / Crop Sensor DOF scale for lenses, Pete Ganzel - en
Light sealing exchange, mbreu / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
Enlarger lens Rodenstock Apo Rodagon 50 mm f2.8 fungus removal - de
How to detect and clean fungus from a Vivitar 24 mm f2.8 lens - de
The Classic Camera Repair Forum - en
Repair-froum of the Vereinigung für Digitalkameraverweigerer - de
Alternative Gear & Lenses - FM Forums - en
Manual Focus Lenses - Equipment Care and Repairs - en
Fungus on camera lenses, my site - de
Care and Repair forum - DigicamClub - de
Tinker-forum on - de
Cameramakers Group, Raju - en
Optical Coatings, Lester Wareham - en
Anti-Alias Filter and Sharpening, Lester Wareham - en
A second life for lenses, Roger Cicala - en
Fungi in Photographic Lens, Toomas Tamm - en
Fungus, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Fungus removal, Zeiss - de
Front element scratches - Lens - en
How to modify DSLR and compact cameras for IR photography, some links - de
Raine rHoenle: Testing the decentring of lenses - de
Rainer Hoenle: IR cut and longpass filter - de
Michael Feuerbacher: Infinity focus calibration - en
Udi Tirosh: Great ressource on DIY - en
Large german forum with plenty DIY projects: DSLR -Forum - de
Repairing Light Seals, R.L. Herron - en
"Mushrooms" (Fungus) in a lens, Reijo Lauro - en
Removing Lens Fungus, R.L. Herron - en
Cleaning instructions - for microscopes, but some tips are useable for photography, by Zeiss - de
"Repair" of a Takumar Lens affected by Yellowing ;-) Brian Aylings - en
Sensor cleaning with discofilm, Rainer Hönle - de
Sensor Cleaning Tutorial, PBase - en
Life in Your Camera - fungus, Toomas Tamm - en
Cleaning Cameras, Philip Greenspun - en repair tips - de
Google Search, has also the photographic newsgroups - de, en
Camera-Fix-Mailingliste, Links - en
Kyphoto: Henry Taber: Don´t throw old cameras and stuff away, harvest the parts! - en
How to remove the top cover of the camera - a good starting point, Kar Yan Mak - en
John Titterington: Common problems of some SLR cameras - en
How to replace the deteriorating foam on your camera, Glenn E. Stewart - en
The classic camera repair forum - en
Image Sensor Cleaning Tips and Techniques - en
Typical defects, Franz-Manfred Schüngel - en
Franz-Manfred Schüngel:Camera and lens repair basics - de
What are some common camera problems and how easy are they to fix, R. Lee Hawkins - en
Camera Repair is a Spiritual Exercise ;-) Daniel R. Mitchel - en
Matt Denton's Classic Cameras: Repair Tips - en
Favorite Classics: Resetting cameras - en
Matt Denton: Replacing Light Seals - en
My own tips and tricks on camera repair - de

Canon FX film camera combined with a point and shot digital camera, - jp
EF 50mm 1:1.8 white painted and with extension for macro, - jj
Minolta Rokkor 45mm 1:2.0 conversion to Ef-Mount, CChris / - de
EF 50mm 1/1.8 II repair, - de
EF 50mm f:1.4 USM disassembly, fatigue / - en
EF 50mm 1:1.4 USM broken focus repair after lens dropped, Nick_b / - en
EF 50mm 1:1.4 stuck focus ring repair, - en
Speedlite 420EX parts catalog, - en
Speedlite 430EX after it crashed to ground repair, - de
Canon EOS 5D with 100% silver mirror instead of 60% mirror for more viewfinder brightness - en
Minolta lenses adapting on Canon DSLR cameras! - en
Canon FD 28mm 1:2.0 replacing friction bearing , hinnerker / - de
Canon EF 24-70mm/2.8 L optical adjustment process, Roger Cicala and Aaron Closz / - en
Canon FD 85mm 1:1.2 L nearly complete disassembly, hinnerker / - de
EF 50/1.8 II how to disassemble, micbergsma / -
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II disassembly and reassembly, Yosuke Bando - en
Canon FD 55mm S.S.C 1:1.2 fungus cleaning, IndianaDinos - en
Canon EOS 5D mirror shaving because of deep protruding back lens in some lenses, Orio / - en
Canon EOS 5D mirror shaving for some alternative lenses, - en
EOS 5D mirros shaving outside of camera - images in PDF, - de
Carl Zeiss Contax mechanical optimized for EOS 5D MK II, jojo8989 / - cn
Canon EF 38-76mm, c6259 / - cn
Canon A430 "lens error" lens jams fix, Justin Pelling - en
Canon 40D shutter replacement, Criscam / - en
Canon EF 50/1.8 as a tilt/shift lens with auto aperture, - en
Automated iris for manual alternative lenses tinkering - en
Carl Zeiss 18mm 1:4 for EOS 5D mirror clearance optimization, - en
Canon FD 24mm/2.0 conversion to EF mount, hinnerker / - de
Canon FD 35mm 1:2 SSC conversion to EF mount, hinnerker / - de
Canon FD 55mm/1.2 Aspherical SSC conversion to EF mount, hinnerker/ - de
Canon FL 55mm 1:1.2 mount conversion to EF mount for EOs cameras, - cn
Firmware Ad on for some Canon DSLR, - en
Canon EF-S 18-55 IS repaint to L-Look, -
Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 repainting to "L" look with red ring, -
Canon Ef 300mm 1:2.8 DIY Look a Like, -
Canon EF 300mm 1:2.8 L black repainting, -
Canon fullframe pancake alternative made with a Pentax SMC DA 40mm 1:2.8, - en
135mm 1:2.8, 35-105 Macro Canon FD -EF conversions, hunter richards / - en
Canon FD 50mm 1:1.8 lens mount change to EOS, superbowl2265 / - en
Canon FD 85/1.2 mount conversion to EF mount - different reversible / non-reversible ways, - en
EOS 5D shutter repair aftersensor cleaning, Gonzoo / - de
Canon FD 35mm f/2.0 parts, treeplanter / - en
Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 S.S.C EF mount conversion, - de
Canon 17mm/4 TS-E Tilt-Shift lens with Cokin-X-Pro fitler holder, by Fred Miranda his forum - en
Canon EOS 5D Mark I soldering ne fuse inside, loglouis / - fr
EF 85mm/1.8 USM, loglouis / - fr
Canon EOS EF 28-70mm L, elpachato / - fr
Canon EOS 5D LCD cover replacement, PeakMansions / - en
Defective Canon EOS 5D Mark II repair - shunt fuse defective , loglouis / - fr
Canon EF 28-135mm / 3,5-5.6 USM disassembly, loglouis / - fr
Canon Exilim EX-S500, loglouis / - fr
Canon EF 50mm/1.8 II disassembly, loglouis / - fr
Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII, loglouis / - fr
Canonet GIII QL17 new leather, - de
How to dismantle a Canon EF 300mm f/4.0 L Non-IS, - en
Sigma 14mm/3.5 alternative lens FD mount conversion to Canon DSLR, hinnerker / - de
Canon TS-E 17mm/4 Tilt-Shift filter holder, - de
Canon EF 17-40 disassembly, - en
Sigma 18-35mm/3.4-3.4 Aspherical mount conversion to EF mount, hinnerker / - de
Canon NewFd 50mm/1.8 fungus removal, Jesito/ - en
BG-E2N battery grip repair after it was stuck on EOS 50D camera body, Jawd_Bush / - en
Canon EOS 30D shutter repair, motelypixel / - en
Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens dust cleaning, motelypixel / - en
Minolta Rokkor PF 58mm/1.4 mount conversion to EF mount, with lathe, motelypixel / - en
Canon EOS 400D shutter, zweige9 / - de
Canon EOS 30D err99 - replacing shutter, AsperaDriver / - en
Canon 5D Mark II Camera Teardown and Rebuild, CameraRepairUK / - en
Canon EOS 350D / Rebel XT mirror mechanic repair, lunacism / - de
Canon EOS 40D new replacement shutter, zweige9 / - de
Canon EF 50/1.4 Micro USM AF, akfreak / - en
Canon FD 55mm f/1.2 fungus removal with Zippo fluid and cold cream, - en
Rodesnstock Heligon 50mm/0.75 x-ray lens adapted to DSLR, Optikfreund / - de
Powershot G11 display, OpticalFlow / - de
Zeiss Jena Biotar 58mm/2.0 file down for Canon EOS mirror clearance, - en
Minolta Rokkor 28mm/2.0 conversion to EF mount, - de
Automatic AF microadjust (front/backfocus) for EOS 5DmkII, - en
Canon FD 24-35mm/3.5 L EF mount transplanation and bearing repair, hinnerker / - de
Canon EOS 5DII conversion to rangefinder Leica M mount (Lieveview use), - cn
Canon FD 135/2.0 mount conversion to Canon EF Mount, AlexTokyo / - en
Canon 580EX II flash, - en
Revuenon MC 55mm/1.2 PK mount reversible "conversion" to EF, FD-ler / - de
Canon 7, VI-T, VI-L, P, Canonet GIII repair manuals, - en
Canon A1/AE-1 shutter squeak noise and slowing down repair , - en
Canon 430EX Blitzgerät increasing the head roatation , - en
Splitscreen in EOS 5D out of an EOS 1D Screen, David Lang - en, de
Canon newFD 24mm 1.4L lens mount conversion to Canon EOS - en
Sony STF 135 apodisation lens to Canon EF, without images of the process, Letnan / - in
Canon EF MP-E 65mm microphotography loupe lens teardown and repair, corlan / - de
Canon FD 35mm/2.8 Tilt-Shift infinity adjustment, roboticspro / - en
Adapter thickness optimizing F-mount Nikkor 10.5mm/2.8 an Canon EOS, Michel Thoby - en
Sigma 300mm/2.8 with FD mount, conversion to EF mount, amateur99 / - de
Canon EOS 5D / 350D / Kiss, eyepiece, e.g. DK-17M, Koij Kawakami - en
Konica Hexanon 57mm f/1.2 AR mount conversion to Canon EF-S, m-a-x / - en
Canon EOS 1D, 10D, 1Ds, 1N RS, 3, D30, D60, Elan 7, 1V, 1D MKII, EF 28-300L, 70-300DO, 100/2.0, 100/2.8 Macro, 100-300/5.6 & L, 100-400/4.5-5.6 L USM, 15/2.8, 17-35/2.8L USM, 180/3.5L Macro USM, 20/2.8 USM, 20-35/2.8L, 20-35/.4-4.5, 200mm/1.8L USM, 200/2.8L II USM, 200/2.8L, 24/1.4L USM, 24/2.8, 24-85/3.5-4.5 USM / MS, 28mm/1.8, 28/2.8, 28-135, 28-79/2.8L, 28-80/2.8-4.0L USM, 300/2.8L IS USM, 300/4.0 L IS USM, 300mm/4.0L, 35/1.4L USM, 35/2.0, 400/2.8L USM, 50mm/1.0L, 50mm/1,4 USM, 50/1.8 II, 50/2.5 Macro, 500/4.0 L IS USM, 500/4.5L USM, 600/4.0L USM & IS, 70-200/2.8L USM & IS, 85mm/1.2L, 85/1.8, EX 1.4x, EF 2.0x, Focussing rail, Life Size Converter, Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX, MP-E 65/2.8, TS-E 24mm/3.5L, 45/2.8, 90/2.8, Charger NC-E2 + P2, , Angle Finder C, Eyepiece EC-ED, BP-E1, RS-80N3, TC-80N3, LC-3, LC-4, Speedlite 200E, 220EX, 300EZ, 380EZ, 420EX, 480EG, 540EZ, 550EX, Digital Ixus I & II, PowerShot A60, A70, G1, G2, G3, G5, S30, S330, S400, S45, S50, - en
EF 20-35 f/2.8L - PDF , - en
Canon FD 500mm f/4.5 super tele lens with DSLR EF mount tinkering - en
Canon FD 300mm/2.8 L fungus cleaning - de
Canon FD 400mm f/2.8 mount conversion to DSLR EF mount, without altering Canon FD parts - de
Canon newFD 85mm/1.2 L EF mount conversion - reversible - de
Canon EOS 350D - crop DSLR flash optimizing for use with bellows / tilt lenses - de
Short manual Canon EF extension tube - en
Kenko extension tube optimizing, to avoid vignetting with long tele lenses used wide open - en
Canon EOS 1000D / Rebel XS / EOS Kiss F SDHC cardslot repair - en
Service Manuals and parts catalouge A1, AE1-P, AL-1, AE-1, AT-1, EF, FTb-TIb, F1n, T50, T70, T90, A1-squeak, - en
Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45 mm/2.9 conversion to EF mount , - en
Canon FD 80-200L EF mount conversion, hinnerker / - de
Canon 50mm/1.2 M39 LTM lens cleaning, Johan Kuiper - en
Minolta MD Zoom Rokkor 75-200/4.5 EF mount conversion, CChris / - de
EOS 300D, Jan-Erik Skata - en
Canon EOS 300D, - en
Canon new FD 50mm/1,4 Ef mount conversion, hinnerker / - de
Canon Digital Ixus 750 E18 repair, - en
Canon EF 50mm/1.0L PDF - en
PDF Canon EF 85/1.2L - en
Minolta MD Zoom Rokkor 35-70/3.5 mount exchange to EF, CChris / - de
Minolta MD Rokkor 24mm/2.8 EF mount conversion, CChris / - de
Minolta Rokkor MD 50/1.7 to EF mount mod, - de
Minolta Rokkor 45mm/2.0 EF mount conversion, - de
Canon EF-S 17-85 IS repair, - hu
Canon EOS 300D disassembly and repair - hu
Canon FD 100mm/2.8 EF mount converted, hinnerker / - de
Canon SSC FD 55mm / 1.2 mount conversion to EF mount EOS SLR cameras, hinnerker / - de
Minolta Rokkor lenses to Canon EF mount conversions, - de
Minolta MD Rokkor 50mm/1.2 EF mount conversion, hinnerker / - de
Minolta Rokkor 85mm/1,7 mount transplantaion SR to EF, hinnerker / - de
Canon FL 55mm/1.2 EF mount conversion, Optical Flow / - de
Canon Ixus 700 - How to use this compact camera without its lens, without getting E18 Error, EZ / - de
Canon EF 35-80 as a macro lens by removing the front lens, - en
Canon EOS 5D repair of a broken motor pinon, - hu
Canon SSC Aspherical mount conversions to EF mount, hinnerker / - de
CF card slot repair, - hu
Canon EOS 5D full frmae camera - repair of a flat cable, - hu
Canon nFD 300/2.8L mount conversion, hinnerker / - de
EOS 300D SMD fuse repair on DC board, - hu
Canon EF 70-200/4 ISrepair, - hu
Canon EOS 40D with broken main mirror repair - with glueing, - en
Canon EOS 30D ERR 99 - new shutter, - en
Canon EOS 400D ERR99 - shutter repair - loose screws, - en
Canon FD 35mm/2.0 conversion to EF mount, hinnerker / - de
Canon BG-E2 grip contact problem - probably the same with BG-E5, Jan Shim - en
Cleaning of the EOS 5D MKII viewfinder, Jan Shim - en
Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L rattle DIY fix, Jan Shim - en
Canon Speedlite 580EX-II Hotshoe DIY Fix, Jan Shim - en
Canon Hotshoe micro switch fix, Jan Shim - en
Canon EOS 400D IR conversion (failure?), Götz Dähne / Mods4you - de
DC jack for Canon 580EX battery pack, Jan Christian - en
Canon EOS 1000D infrared modification / disassembly, xdeltax - en
Canon EOS 300D infrared astro filter modification, space-watcher / - de
Canon EOS 350D astro infrared modification, Michael / - de
Canon FL 55mm 1.2 to EOS convert, Jim Buchanan / FM Forums - en
FD 85L converted to EF mount, Ross Becker / Picasa - en
FD 50L to EF-Mount converted, Ross Becker / Picasa - en
Canon FL-F300 to EF-Mount converted, Ross Becker / Picasa - en
PB-EF mount for Practicar users with EOS cameras, koji / Manual Focus Lenses - en
Minolta MC lens PF 58mm f/1.4; PF 58mm f/1.2; PF 85mm f/1.7 to Canon EF-mount conversion, koji kawakami / - en
Cleaning the 5D Viewfinder including the AF indicator plate with AF points, Mark Kilian & Ascent Design - en
Cleaning dust from w/in the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens, motleypixe / YouTube - en
Red Ring Riot (DIY: Lens ring color change), KhanhD / Canon Digital Photography Forums - en
DIY Wireless tethering (image transfer) EOS 5D to PC, - en
Canon EOS 5D and probably others - Broken LCD Protector Repair Tutorial, Treat me like a tourist / Canon Digital Photography Forums - en
Converted Canon 85mm f/1.2 Aspherical breech lock to EOS EF mount, jrmcvey / Canon SLR Lens Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review - en
Canon 1,2/55mm S.S.C. EOS conversion-Documentation, hinnerker / Manual Focus Lenses - en
Canon FD 85/1.2 SSC Asph. to EOS mount conversion guide - FM Forums - en
FD 85L f/1.2 conversion to Canon EF mount, FM Forums - en
Canon S400 blown fuse repair, - en
Repair of an Canon EF 24-105 lens circuit board - water damage corrosion, - en
Repairing the Canon 17-85mm/4.0-5.6 flatcable, Alev_Venom / Canon Digital Photography Forums - en
Canon FD 24mm f/1.4 EF mount conversion, fredmirianda Alternative Gear & Lenses - en
Zeiss Praktica Bayonet PB to EOS adapter, Manual Focus Forum - en
Kadapter - Pentax K mount to EOS body adapter DIY, Michel Pollet - en
DIY Pentax to EOS Adapter - no infinity, 7D_Sniper / Canon Digital Photography Forums - en
Canon EFS 17-85mm IS stuck/locked zoom repair/disassembly, thydzik's technology blog - en
Canon EF-S 17-85 f/4.0-5.6 Err99 - not the bajonett contacts, but the flex cable, - en, ru
Repair of an Canon EF 17-85 IS and EF-S 18-55 lens flatcable, - en
Canon FD 50/1.4 cleaning, hinnerker/DSLR-Forum - de
Old Sigma lenses on new Canon DSLR with full iris range - with cameras Atmel AtTiny24 µC, slein / DSLR-Forum - de
Modification of EF-S 10-22 and 18-55 and 55-250 lenses to fit on EOS 10D 1.6 crop, EOS 1D MKII 1.3 crop, Patrick Phillips - en
Praktina-EOS-Adapter, Willi Bauer - de
Canon EF 70-210 Every last piece stripped down, funkyfones / Canon Digital Photography Forums - en
Praktica PB to EOS adapter (PB-EF adapter) optimisation for infinity, koji / Manual Focus Lenses - en
Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.4 conversion to Canon EOS, motleypixel / Vimeo - en
Canon FD 2/28mm repair of worn bearings, hinnerker/ Digicamclub - de
Minolta Rokkor to Canon EOS conversions: Rokkor 135mm/2,8, Rokkor 50mm/1.2, 28mm/2, 85mm/1.7, 55mm/1.7, PG und MD 50mm/1.4, 24mm/2.8, Digicamclub - de
Canon FD 2.8/100mm SSC EF converted, hinnerker / Digicamclub - de
Leica Elmarit - R 19mm / 2.8: Shaved for Use on Canon 5D and 1Ds without mirror crash on the protruding rear element, - en
FD 600mm/4.5 and 800mm/5.6 L lenses on EF small extension tube, Ed Mika - en
FD to EF mount conversion via FD teleconverter 1.4 and 2.0, Ed Mika - en
repairing the Canon 580EX speedlight hotshoe foot, - en
Canon EOS D60 modified for Astro / IR use, Thomas Westerhoff - de
EOS 350D NIR modification, Levin Dieterle - de
Canon EF, F1, EOS 500, EOS 30 repair instructions, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Canon FD 50mm/1.4 SSC, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Canon Canonet QL 17 GIII, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Canon Canonet QL 17 GIII lens front disassembly, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Canon Canonet QL 17 GIII rangefinder adjustment, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Canonet, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Canon FD 1.4/50mm converted to EF bjonett mount, hinnerker / - de
Shutter Button repair EOS 30D, Stefan Wißmüller - de
Canon FD 2/35mm SSC EOS EF mount conversion, hinnerker / - de
Canon EOS 300 D and 350D ERR05 pop up flash repair, Michael J Dixon - en
Minolta MC Rokkor - PG 1:1.4 f=50mm to EF converted with bajonett drawing, andddre / Flickr - en
How to repair broken sub-mirror on Canon EOS 300D / Rebel, Tobbe Arnesson - en
Canon New FD 300mm f4 L to EF mount conversion, D.T. Tang - cn
Canon PowerShot S500 Teardown after Error 18 / E18 error code - iFixit - en
Minolta MD W 24 /2.8 and 58/1.2 Canon EF mount hack, - en
Homebrew Wired Remote for Canon EOS 350D Camera, - en
EOS lens protocol analysation, DSLR-Forum - de
Error 99 / shutter doesn´t work at EOS 300D, Nightshot / DSLR-Forum - de
Canon FD 300mm / 2.8 L adapted to Canon EF mount for EOS cameras - de
Canon FD 100 / 4.0 Macro conversion to FD mount - de
Sticky shutter blades on EOS film cameras, marcgti / FixYa - en
Adapting a FL 55mm f1.2 to EOS EF camera mount, trask'blueribbon - en
FD Breech Lock500 mm reflex lens converted to EF, Antoine K, Flickr - en
FD 28mm / 2.8 on EOS bajonet conversion , Skink74 / Flickr - en
FD 50 / 1.4 SSC lens conversion for EOS Ef mount, Wim Ipenburg / - en
Making a Canon FD Lens to a EOS EF -Mount Body Adapter, Camerahacker-Forum - en
Canon FD 1.2/55mm SSC modified to EF-mount, hinnerker / Digicamclub - de
How NOT to repair / dismantle a Eos 400D @ 8:20 they show how NOT to discharge a capacitor, Traumflieger-Video - de
EOS 30D shutter release pictures, Bububaer / DFORUM - de
Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50/1.4 lens to EOS EF mount conversion, - en
EF-S 17-55/2.8 IS USM most parts, Kenny / - de
Canonet QL17 G-III Rangefinder camera - jp
FX - jp
EX Auto - jp
EOS 10 QD - jp
EF 35-135mm F4-5.6 USM - jp
Canon P - jp
EOS Kiss - jp
New EOS Kiss - jp
EOS 700 QD - jp
DIY RF shield for Pocketwizard Flex tt5, aquaphotoboy - en
300D repair adventure Err 99 Main Mirror, Jan-Erik Skata - en
External power for Canon camera (5D), - de
Minolta MC W. Rokkor - HH 35 mm 1.8 converted to Canon EOS / Canon EF mount, Quick and Dirty! - de
Conversion of a Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm/1.2 to Canon EF mount / EOS camera - de
How to test the protrusion of a modified lens for a Canon EOD 5D - de
Canon FD 300 / 2.8 L mount conversion to Canon EF Mount - Kersten Kircher / DSLR-Forum - de
Camera Hacker: Canon N3 Connector Pin-Out - en
Modification of an old Canon FL 28 mm (a FD compatible mount) to Canon EF mount for EOS cameras , 440 roadrunner / Manual Focus Forum - en
Canon EF spotting scope adapter, 440roadrunner / Manual Focus Forum - en
Tinker a focus screen for Canon XT out of an old SLR, 440roadrunner / Manual Focus Forum - en
EOS 300D hacked Firmware, Wasia - en
A70 macro with reversed Ef35/2.0, Megaweb - en
A540/A530 ir cut filter removal tutorial - 17-40FL - en
Powershot A430 repair, Justin -
Canon Powershot A550 / A560 lens assembly repair, Pkrobot - en
Canon Powershot A560, Pkrobot - en
Canon FD 200 / 2.8 conversion to EOS EF mount, 440roadrunner - en
Crop Tokina Fisheye Zoom 10-17 on 24x36 mm cameras, Kersten Kircher - de
Long ETTL flash cord, Kersten Kircher - de
Canon EF-S 10-22 on Crop 1D usage with zoom stop, Kersten Kircher - de
Canon FD Lens TS 35mm f/2.8 S.S.C. modified for Canon EF mount, Kersten Kircher - de
EF-S 18-55 mm modification for use with 10D , Kersten Kircher - de
Canon Powershot S60 und S70 Service Manual, e-parts - en
Canon PowerShot S30, S40, S45, S50, S60, S70, S80, S330, S400, G1, G2, G3, G5, A70, A60 repairs, Christian Enders - de
How to Replace Canon SD750 Lens, max on - en
Canon-DIY forum, - sp
Canon 5D mark II - Reflective mirror back Issue , no repair- - en
Camera service - did some lens conversions to EOS cameras - good inspiration source, Jim Buchanan - en
Canon Ixus 30, 40, 50 Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 60, 55 LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 800IS LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 70 LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Powershot S80 LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon EOS 400D LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 75 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon EOS 30D LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Powershot G5 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 900 TI LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus S 850 IS LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 85 IS / 80 IS LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 860 IS LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon IXUS 800 IS LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 70 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon DS-A710, A700 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon / Samsung L73 LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 870 IS, SD 880 IS LCD Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 90IS / SD 790IS Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon IXUS 700 / SD1000 Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon SD A630 A640 Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Ixus 960IS / Sd950IS Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon SD S80 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Powershot G10 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Powershot SX 10 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon Powershot A 000 LCD Screen, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon SD30m SD40 Zoom i7 Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
Canon PowerShot A720 Display LCD Screen Replace Video, -
Wireless File Transmitter, Thomas Berndt - de
Canon EF-S 18-55 as a macro lens with reversed front lens group, Thomas Berndt - de
Canon EF-S 17-85 hint for repair of jammed zoom - DSLR-Forum - de
Focus trap for Canon EOS, Thomas Berndt - de
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Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.4 tested fungus clenaing without good reult, permanent etched, washoi / - en
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Zeiss Contax G-Planar into Zuiko Macro housing on Sony Nex, m-a-x / - en
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Minolta MD Rokkor-X 50mm/1,4 repair, motleypixel / - en
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E-mount adapter for example for Leica M lenses back focal length / register / flange back adjustment , - en
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Minolta MC Rokkor PF 58 / 1.2 cleaning, OpticalFlow / - de
Minolta 7D / 5D adjustment program Pretrigger, Pi-PR, AE, Frequency, CCD Gain, Defect Picel, Gyro, WB, VSUB, Shake Gain, AORI&Center, FlashLevel, SS, Destination, AF (Area, Pitch,Yaw), Flatness,EZ, (2186), Kiklop / Dyxum forums - en
Minolta SRT-101, - en
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Minolta Autocord - CDSII Service Manual - PDF - en
Minolta SRT 101, XE, XD, X700, X300, Dynax 9 repair PDF, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Minolta MD 70-210 mm / 4.0 Zoom, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Minolta manuel MD 200mm f=2.8 Demontage, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Minolta 135mm Blende 2.8 short grip, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Minolta MD 50/1,7 french expression "Champignons des lentilles" = fungus - sounds good in French :-), Benoît Suaudeau - fr
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Minolta XD7, XD5, X700, X300 manuals, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
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Flash adapter for usage of older Minolta 5400xi/hs flashes on modern cameras, sebi / SonyUserforum - de
Adapter to use olde rMinolta flashes (5400XI/HS, 5200i, 3500xi,..) on new digital cameras like the Sony Alphas, with an Atmel Atiny µC, Sebastian Voitzsch - de/en
Minolta Rokkor 600 / 6.3 Apo tele lens converted to Sony Alpha cameras, l'alpage de jules - fr
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IR Remote Receiver for Maxxum Dynax Dimage Cameras 7D, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta Maxxum / Dynax 7D internals - look at the Antishake Startup as Video, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta Maxxum AF lens electronic (mainly the ROM), Pete Ganzel - en
Dissasembly and Repair of a Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f/1.7 and f/1.4 Lens, Pete Ganzel - en
Partial Disassembly of a Konica Minolta Maxxum Dynax 7D, Pete Ganzel - en
Disassembly of the Maxxum Autofocus 70-210 f/4 Beercan Lens, Pete Ganzel - en
TInker an eyecup for a Minolta Maxxum 7D, Pete Ganzel - en
DSP-9000 power supply, Pete Ganzel - en
Disassembly of Minolta Maxxum 28-135mm f/4 Zoom Lens, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta Dimage 5 frontlens disassembly, Pete Ganzel - en
Sony A100, A700 Maxxum 5D, 7D AF Adjustment, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta Maxxum Dynax 3X-1X AF Macro Zoom iris linkage repair, Pete Ganzel - en
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Disassembly for Repair Maxxum 35-105mm Zoom, Pete Ganzel - en
Autofocus lens repair info, Pete Ganzel - en
Flash Isolator Circuit Using The Minolta FS1100, Pete Ganzel - en
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Making the RC1000L Minolta Maxxum Remote Cable Shorter and Expandable, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta / Dynax Maxxum 75-300 f/4.5 Disassembly, Pete Ganzel - en
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Inside a Minolta Myxxum AF 1200 ring flash, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta Maxxum Dynax 7D Disassembled & Error Codes, Pete Ganzel - en
Konica Minolta Dimage A1 some parts, Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta MC Rokkor 1:1,4 58mm to Sony / Minolta A-bajonett converted, man / moon25 - de
Vivitar 2X Macro Focusing Teleconverter on Maxxum 7D adapted, Pete Ganzel - en
Maxxum 7d leather thumb pad Pete Ganzel - en
Minolta Dimage 7Hi Modified for Infrared Photography, Pete Ganzel - en
58mm f/1.4 Rokkor Adapted to Minolta Maxxum Sony Alpha AF Mount,Pete Ganzel - en
Maxxum 7 interior, Pete Ganzel - en
Disassembly of Maxxum AF 28mm, Pete Ganzel - en
Modified Lenscap to Provide Aperture Control for a Reversed Maxxum AF Lens, Pete Ganzel - en
Tilt and Shift tinkering for the Scheimpflug Principle, Pete Ganzel -
Minolta SRT101 - jp
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Daniel R. Mitchel: Minolta A: Top ans bottom removal, lens and diaphragm and frontplate removal, shutter removal and cleaning. Notes on focus and rangefinder adjustment, and the winder spring tension - en
Mark Hahn: Repairing Minolta 16 and Kiev 30 Series 16 mm Cameras, disassembly & reassembly of the camera, shutter cleaning - en
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Favorite Classics: Service Manuals: Argus Compur 00X Verschluß, Canon Model 7, Canonet QL17 G-III, Cine Canonet 8, Demi, Demi EF 28, Fujica AX-1, Minolta SRT 101, Nikon FE, FM, Olympus OM-1, OM-4, Pen FT, XA, Petri 7s, Rolleiflex TLR, Topcon Super D, Yashica D TLR SUPER!!! - en
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Cleaning of a Micro-Nikkor 55mm/2.8 AIS, inclusive the iris blades, Aki Korhonen - en
Nikonians - Repair Shops & Repairs - membership needed! - en
Service manuals for Nikon DP20, Nikkormat FTn, CLASSIC CAMERA WORKSHOP - en
Nikon MC-35 GPS integration in neck strap, - en
Some repairmanuals / parts catalogs: Nikon, at - en
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Battery door changing instructions for the Nikon Coolpix 2100 and 3100, San Diego Camera Solution - en
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Battery door changing instructions for the Nikon Coolpix 2100 and 3100, San Diego Camera Solution - en
Battery door changing instructions for the Nikon Coolpix 4200, 5200, 5900, 7900, San Diego Camera Solution - en
Battery door changing instructions for the Nikon Nikon F401 / N4004, F501 / 5005, F601 /6006, San Diego Camera Solution - en
Leitax: The sell adapters to modify Leica lenses to Nikon cameras - en
BjørnRørslett: CPU modification - for which lenses possible - en
BjørnRørslett: How to modify lenses for UV-photography - polish the coatings away -
Jesse Newcomb: Converting Nikon slide and negative scanner film strip feeder SA-21 to SA-30 Roll Feeder - en
Build an inexpensive and customizable infrared remote control for Nikon cameras, - en, it
Rick Oleson: Nikon Photomic meter prism - en
Rick Oleson: Nokkor 50 mm / 1.2 and 1.4 lenses - en
Chieh Cheng: Nikon MC-25 cable adapter pin-out - en
Rolland Elliott: Making your own N90s Electronic Shutter Release - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Nikon F-Mount lens type signal system - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Nikon AI meter coupling ridge - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Nikkor focal length indexing ridge -
Lars Holst Hansen: Lens speed indexing post - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Focal length signal switch - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Nikon EE servo coupling post - en
Lars Holst Hansen: lens speed indexing mechanism - en
Lars Holst Hansen: A lens speed indexing post angle table - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Nikon AI modification with a lens speed indexing post - en
:Dirk Vorbusch: Nikon TC-14E, TC-17E, TC20E modifyng for Non-AF-I/s lenses - de
Andreas Rose: Nikon AI to AIs modification - de
Mark Harris: Remote triggering the Nikon D70, D50 ans probably D80, with strobe setting to avoid the remote time out of the d70 - en
Mark Harris: Using fibre optic cable with the Nikon D70 infrared trigger to make a wired remote control - en
David Coles: Nikon 950 Shutter Release Bracket -
Lars Holst Hansen: DIY Nikon AI modification - en
Christoph Breitkopf: Nikon AI conversion - de, en
Marcel Eremia: Nikon F 100 data cable - en
NHS Ken Schwartz: Battery Solutions for Nikon F series of Metered Finders - en
Leon Goodman: D70 Backfocus problem and adjustment - en
Alfred Klomp: Nikon F 50 repair -
Bryan: Home made flash deflectors/reflectors for the CP950 - en
Lifepixel: Do It Yourself Digital Infrared Conversion Instructions for D50, D70, D70s, D100, D1, D1x, Coolpix 995, Coolpix 5400 - en
Cristian Buil: Increase the IR response of the D70 / IR-Modification - en
Christophe Heyman: Modification of TC14E, TC17E or TC20E - en
Rick Oleson: Nikon Photomic meter prism - en
Geoff Adams: Two-pin cable release connector for N2020, N70, and N8008 -
Sergei Khizhiy: A Workaround for Nikon D70 Focusing Problems - en
BjørnRørslett: Matrix metering with old Micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5 on F5, D1, D1x, D1H by chip transplantion - en
Damien Douxchamps: Nikon PN-11 Electrification - en
BjørnRørslett: Matrix metering with old Ultra Micro-Nikkor 55mm f2,0 on F5, D1, D1x, D1H by chip transplantion - en
BjørnRørslett: Nikon Digital SLR with a underwater 50 mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor R-UW AF equipped - en
BjørnRørslett: Nikon DSLR equipped with a short focal cine lens and a format transform lens (macro or reversed normal SLR lens) this gives a huge depth of field - en
Andrew Nemeth: Nikon FM with Keica R mount modification - en
Thomas Gaenzle: Nikon F 801(s) remote control diagram - de
Steve's Digicam Online: Nikon Coolpix 950 Cable Releases & Brackets - en
Nikon F 801, F 501 remote control by J.Suokas - en
Fixing the Coolpix 950 battery door by J.Suokas - en
J.Suokas: Remote release JS-28 and MB-10s - en
JS-28 remote release for Nikon F 90X by J.Suokas - en
Geoff Adams: MC-12B function diagram -
B.Foster: Nikon F4 reapair after the camera jammed up after entering rewind mode - en
Joachim Raffs modification of the angle finder DR-4 - de
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MC-4A and MC-22 wiring, Claudio Bonavolta - en
Lars Holst Hansen: Power saving modification for Nikon MD-12 - en
BjørnRørslett: PC-Nikkor 28 mm f/3.5 Modified Tilt/Shift Lens - en
Nikkor24-120 AFD repair by Robert Ian Axford - en

Pentax Super Takumar 24mm 1:3.5 fixing infinity focus, IndianaDinos - en
Pentax FA 50mm 1:1.4 fell apart, - en
Pentax-M 50mm 1:1.4 discard mold / fungus, washoi / - en
Vivitar VMC 28mm/1,9 with Minolta SR mount conversion to Pentax K-Mount, - cn
Dallmeyer 300mm 1:6 conversion to Pentax K-mount, - cn
Dallmeyer 135mm/15 helicoid and conversion to Pentax K mount, - cn
Carl Zeiss (C/Y) Vario-Sonnar 28-85 1:3.3-4.0 mount converted to Pentax K mount, - cn
SMC Pentax-DA 21mm 1:3.2 Limited, - cn
SMC Pentax DAL 18-55 AL, - cn
Pentax-A 50mm 1:2 jammed / stiff focus repair, - en
Pentax F 28-80 Macro 1:3.5-4.5, Kenneth Wong / - cn
Repair manual, Firmware eg for Pentax K10D, - en
Pentax DA 50-135mm, Kenneth Wong / - cn
Pentax DS 35mm 1:2.4A now with metal mount instead of plastic, kevinwong55 / - cn
Pentax-M 50mm 1:1.4, - cn
Pentax K10D and Samsung GX10 DSLR repair of the motor for mirror and shutter movement , - en
Pentax K-01, - jp
Pentax DA 40mm 1:2.8, - cd
Pentax SDM 16-50 repair with a hair dryer, - cn
Pentax SDM lens repair, wayli / - cn
Pentax DA 17-70 SDM repair, typhoon2008 / - cn
Pentax S6 new lens intert, zweige9 / - de
Pentax Optio E50 point and shoot display , zweige9 / - de
PEntax Optio M10, M20 Display repair, zweige9 / - de
Pentax Optio S6 S/ Display, zweige9 / - de
Prentax Optio S60 Display, zweige9 / - de
Pentax DA 50-135 incorrect focus repair, -
Stuck Pentax SDM micro motor repair , - en
Pentax 18-55 DAL, - en
Pentax Ashia Super-Takumar 200mm 1:4, David Image (?) - en
Pentax ist blurry viewfinder replacement after watr damage, kormako / - en
Tamron Adaptall P/KA adapter fix, Class A / - en
Pentax BG2 battery grip teardown and fix of stuck contact pins, Jodokast96 / - en
Pentax-A SMC 50mm 1:1.7 aperture ring, Just1MoreDave / - en
Pentax SMC 200mm 1:2.5 infinity focus correction, tibi / - en
Pentax 50mm 1:1.4 disassembly video, Stan Horaczek / - en
Revue 135/2.8 lens optimized for M42 Pentax-K-Mount adapter, ossy59 / - de
Pentax K 28mm 1:3.5 disassembly and cleaning, -
Pentax MG shutter repair, - en
Pentax K5 mirror jumping problem, seayong / - cn
Pentax SMC 50mm 1:2.0 M with stuck focus reparired, - en
Pentax 300mm 1:4 M and A disassembly and clenaing guide, RXrenesis8 / - en
Pentax SMC 50mm 1:1.7 A fungus removal, adr1an / - en
"Pentax" SMC 50mm 1:1.7 A, - en
Pentax K5 dissection, - en
Pentax F 70-210mm, - en
Pentax K-X scroll wheel repair, - en
Pentax Takumar F 28-80mm 1:3.5-4.5 Macro repair, - en
Pentax SMC-FA 200mm 1:2.8 EF (IF) , - en
"Pentax" FA 77mm 1:1.8 Limited, - en
SMC Pentax-FA 31mm 1:1.8 AL Limited, - en
Pentax SDM (DA) lens focus repair, - en
Pentax Takumar 35mm/4 Service, - en
Yellowing repair for Takumar 50, - en
Pentax M 200mm/4 telelens, - en
Pentax Takumar 17mm/4.0 Fisheye, - en
Pentax Ashia Takumar Super Multi Coated 35mm/3.5 take apart, - en
Pentax ES2 repair, - jp
Pentax K1000 - Classic Camera Workshop - en
Disassembly of the Pentax MX Camera, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Pentax ist DS infrared modification,                                                                             - de
Pentax Spotmatic, Spotmatic II, K1000 repairs, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Fixing the infinite focus on a Pentax Super Takumar 24mm f/3.5, IndianaDinos - en
PENTAX SMC M 1:1.4 50, - jp
PENTAX S2 - jp
PENTAX S2 - jp
PENTAX K2 - jp
PENTAX Super A - jp
PENTAX MZ-3 - jp
PENTAX MZ-7 - jp
PENTAX 6x7 - jp
Minolta MD 35-70 conversion to Pentax K mount, Pentax K1000 / DSLR-Forum - de
Canon FL 85 / 1.8 to Pentax P/K mount adapted, 440roadrunner / Manual Focus Forum - en
Pentax SMC A 50 mm / 1.7, Justin Pelling - en
Pentax K2 repair manual, Mike Butkus - en
Pentax focussing screen out of an old ground glass with prism for manuel fosussing, zwurgel1, DSLR-Forum -
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Fixing Asahi Super-Takumar 135mm/3.5 from wobbling lenshood, RetroCamera - en
Update of an old K-Mount with electric contacts, - de
Repair (stucked iris) of a Pentax M 35mm f2.0, Christopher Steinfeldt - de
Asahi Super-Multi-Coated 35/3.5 repair, David Image - en
How to strip down a Pentax 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar lens to clean the fungus out, Chris Sherlock - en
Asahi Super-Takumar 200mm f4 repair, David Image - en
Lens mount conversion Carl Zeiss (CZ) 50mm / 1.7 to Pentax (P/K) mount - Manual Focus Forum / xtricy - en
theatre of noise: Ricoh Lenses On Pentax Cameras -- The Ricoh Pin Fix -
Service manual for Pentax K 1000, CLASSIC CAMERA WORKSHOP - en
Pentax istDS intervalltimer /intervalometer without battery - DSLR-Forum - stefx - de
Some repairmanuals / parts catalogs: Ashia Pentax at - en
Pentax K 1000 service manual, - en
Pentax Spotmatic series meter modification , Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Pentax Super Takumar 50 mm F 1.4 disassembly and cleaning, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Pentax K1000 calibration, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Pentax ME-super disassembly, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Pentax MX disassembly, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Pentax vertical shutters care and maintenance, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
mvb123 / DPReview: Pentax DS eye piece enewal - en
Kim Coxon: Pentax Takumar 35 mm / 4.0 service, re-lubing, probably also for Ashiaflex and pre-set Takumars - en Pentax Optio power pack - de Optio 330 / 340 on a binocular - de
Ogul Özcelik - Pentax Optio 330 / 430 (RS) with a Nokia mobile phone 8210 accu -dangerous I think - de
Berndardo - Nodal point adapter for Optio cameras - de
Wolfgang Paul - Carrying strap for the Pentax IR-remote control E / F - de
Heiko Hamann - Astrophotographie with Pentax Optio 330 GS - M42 adapter -
Turisme - Macro with Optio S - de Optio S / S4 camera can out of a box of Ricola - de
MacTiBook - Remote control inside the Pentax leather cover - de Pentax DSLR istD with Joystick - de
Michael Recker - Pentax istD / istDS, partly istDL / K100D ground glass optimizing - de
Ray Allen: How to Cure Yellowing in Takumar 50mm f1.4 lenses - with UV radiation - en
Rick Oleson: Pentax Spotmatic, K1000, KM - removing top and front covers - en
Alex Radu: Pentax LX sticky mirror and MLU (mirror look up) repair - en Takumar S-M-C 200mm F4 repair - en Underwater Camera Housing for the Pentax 750Z - en Underwater housing for Pentax A20 - en
Kim Coxon: Pentax Takumar 35 mm f4 serviging - en
Pentax Service Manuals: S3, SV. Spotmatic, Spotmatic F Meter, P30, Super A, Auto 110, FA 31/1.8 AL ED Limited, FA77/1.8 Limited, FA 200/2.8 ED[IF], A50/1.7, Flash AF280T, Winder ME II, ME-S, ME, MX, K2, Super Program, K1000, National Spotmatic, Super Program , Kim Coxon - en
Stuart Willis: Pentax Super Takumar ƒ3.5 135mm - en
Pentax MX, ME,ME Super, K2, Spotmatic, Pentax Super Program, National K 1000, National Spotmatic servicemanuals by Mark Roberts - en
Thomas Reinfelder: Cable remote control Pentax IstD / IstDs / IstDL - de
Henry Taber: Pentax ME Super - lock up repair - en
Brian Ayling: How to treat a Takumar Lens affected by yellowing. There are alternatives here in the list - en
Chris Sherelock: How to strip down a pentax 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar lens to clean the fungus out. - en

Building a pinhole lens for my Polaroid 600 SE, trask'blueribbon - en
Replacing the covering on a polaroid SX70, trask'blueribbon - en
Mamyia Press front and Polaroid back, Monsieur Be / flickr - en
Rewiring of a Polaroid 103, Roland Givan - en
Chieh Cheng: Polaroid Photomax Fun 320 serial cable pin-out - en
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Bigcamera/ Bob Hutchinson: Polaroid Mods - en
My own Polarois back for a Plaubel Peco Juniro largeformat camera - de
SX 70 Hackers Guide by Georg Holderied - en
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R.Givan: Use Polaroid i-Zone for tests of other cameras - en
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Daniel Weatherford: Hacking a Polaroid Sun 660 camera - en
Stephen Gandy: Mamiya TLR with Polaroid back - en

Kiron / Vivitar 28mm 1:2.0 iris repair / CLA, Paulo "stalkerPt" Gomes / - sp
Werra film transport, - fr
Sigma 300mm/4 Apo Tele Macro Autofocus, - fr
Altix lenses adapting to DSLR / EVIL cameras, DrDownhill / - de
Zeiss Jena DDR Tessar 50mm1:2.8 oiled iris blades, - de
Boyer Saphir 150mm f/4.5 lens mount hack to Pentax 6x7, - cn
Kilfitt Makro-Kilar 90mm/2.8 conversion to Pentacon P6 mount, - cn
Contaflex Carl Zeiss Tessar 50mm 1/2.8 helicoid conversion, - cn
Zeiss Jena Biotar CZJ 75mm 1:1.5, - cn
Taking apart the Fuji F100 - only disassembly, - en
Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180mm 1:2.8 deconstruction, carl_goes_digital / - de
Sigma AF 500mm f/4.5 Apo, travelshots / - en
Carl Zeiss Pancolar 50mm f/1,8 stuck iris repair, - de
Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/1.4 infinity focus adjustment, LeadyGonzales / - de
Vivitar 28mm 1:2.0 repair of sticky iris, fbjochen / - de
Zeiss Jena S 135mm/4 fungus cleaning, - de
Zeiss Pancolar 50mm f/1.8, Waalf / - de
Voigtländer Vitomatic IIIb viewfinder cleaning and distance metering adjustment, - de
MTO 1000mm/10 mirror lens focal length reduction, - de
Auto Mamiya Sekro SX 21mm/4 repair and conversion, S. Staude - de
CZJ Tessar 50mm/2.8 iris repair, - de
Carl Zeiss Jena 200m f/2.8 helicoid greasing pictorial, Anu / - en
Zeiss Planar delamination repair - new bonding with Canada Balm, - de
Industar-69 28mm/2.8 focus correction, - en
Exakta VX shutter replacement, - en
Mount adapter adjusting for thightness / better tolerances, calvin83 / - en
Porst Color Reflex 55mm/1.2 oiled iris blades cleaning and focus helicoid, Stefan_9 / - de
Mamiya 6 repair of broken shutter / winding mechanics, zone7camera / - de
Filter on Sigma AF 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM ultra wide angle zoom, woos / - en
Konica Hexanon AR 57mm/1.4 iris blades cleaning, Helge / Digicamclub - de
Rolleicord repair and CLA, - en
Voigtlaender Nokton 35mm/1.4 thightend up, - en
Fujica GER Battery adapter construction, br1078phot / - en
Zeiss Ikon Ikonta C521/2, br1078phot / - en
Voigtländer 25mm/4 CV Skopar adjustment of the mount alingment, pvdhaar / - en
Rollei Rolleiflex 2.8 Biometar repair, - en
Carl-Zeiss Jena Pancolar50mm/1.8 clean and re-lube, eddieiman / - en
Sigma SD 10 sensor polish to get scratches away - at least a try, kannnix / - de
Sigma 400mm/5.6 Apo fungus removal, Pete Ganzel - en
Sigma 12-24mm filter holder, Fergus Cowhig - en
Tokina 12-24, - de
Sigma 70-210/2.8 APO, Gubbe / - en
Samyang / Walimex / Rokinon / Vivitar / Falcon 14mm f/2.8 Focus Correction - en
Novoflex Novflexar macro lens 60mm f/4.0 fungus and rust cleaning - de
Samyang 8mm / 3.5 focus correction, Jeffery R. Charles - en
Pentacon 500mm/5.6, - ru
Vivitar 28mm/2.0 cleaning oiled iris, - de
Carl Zeiss Jena mirrorlens 1000mm f/5.6 - - de
Voigtländer Bessamatic CS, Hans Kerensky - en
Pentacon Ercona II double exposure indicator, Hans Kerensky - en
OPL Focasport II, Hans Kerensky - en
Voigtländer Perkeo I topcover, Hans Kerensky - en
Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/16 topcover, Hans Kerensky - en
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex 1b mirror and groundglas cleaning, Hans Kerensky - en
Balda Baldix cover, Hans Kerensky - en
Balda Baldix filmconter, DEP, Heinz Kerensky - en
Franka Rolfix Prontos-S, Heinz Kerensky - en
Franka Rolfix I E Radionar lens disassembly, Heinz Kerensky - en
Franka Solida III with Radionar and Prontor-SV-Shutter CLA, Heinz Kerensky - en
Franka Solida III topcover disassembly, Heinz Kerensky - en
Zeiss Ikon 518/16 Signal Nettar Topcover removal ,Hans Kerensky - en
Franka Solida II, Heinz Kerensky - en
Franka Solida IIE Tophousing Removal, Rangefinder, Heinz Kerensky - en
Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/16 Topcover Removed, Heinz Kerensky - en
Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/16 frontlens disasembly, Hans Kerensky - en
Zeiss Super Ikonta 531/16 Rangefinder, Hans Kerensky - en
Rolleiflex T Kit, Hans Kerensky - en
Hapo 66 repair, Hans Kerensky - en
Hapo 66E Topcover, Hans Kerensky - en
Prince Junior TLR cleaning and repair, Hans Kerensky - en
Konica Hexanon 50mm 1.7 AR Cleaning the Diaphragma Mechanism, Hans Kerensky - en
Voigtländer Perko II Color Skopar, Hans Kerensky / Flickr - en
Rollei B35 removing the Triotar frontlens, Hans Kerensky / Flickr - en
Hans Porst Hapo 66E Rangefinder, Hans Kerensky/Flickr - en
Cleaning a Carl Zeiss Jena (CZJ) Flektogon 35mm f/2.8, indianadinos / Flickr - en
Cleaning a Zeiss Biometar 80 f/2.8, indianadinos / Flickr - en
Helios 40 repair, groux / FORUM - fr
Cleaning haze macro lens Tamron SP90 f/2.5 (52B), Shooting with a Pentax K10D - en
Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135 + Geli/hood-check, geobeo / Flickr - en, de
Prakticar 1.4/50 CLA, geobeo / Flickr - en
How To - Zeiss 50mm f/1.7 (C/Y) Planar CLA, Psychobiker / Flickr - en
Dismantling Vivitar series 1 35-85mm 2.8, WolverineX / Manual Focus Lenses - en
Carl Zeiss Jena 1:3,5 /135 Service, hinnerker / DSLR-Forum - de
Servicing The Carl Zeiss Jena (CZJ) 135mm f/3.5 Lens, Andy Brown - en
Exakta 70-210mm f/4.5-5.6 - internals, CChris / Digicamclub -
Beroflex 135/2.8 iris repair, different methodes testet, till it works, Thinkthrice - de
Welta Reflekta II, illuminateblog - de
Pentacon 200mm f4, Carenar 200mm/3.5, Pentacon 135mm/2.8 MC repair,Le blog M42 - fr
Cleaning a Carl Zeiss Jena (CZJ) Flektogon 35mm f/2.8 from fungus - with Zippo fluid, indianadios / Flickr - en
Rollei Twin Lens Reflex, incl Baby Rollei - Classic Camera Workshop - en
Konica T3, Topcon Super D - Classic Camera Workshop - en
How to fix the aperture pin in an m42 lens, spoony mushroom / Flickr - en
Vivitar 55mm f/2.8 Macro and Vivitar 200mm f/3.5 (Komine made) parts list, - en
Vivitar Series 1 135mm/2.3 (Komine) bill of materials, - en
Vivitar Series 1 90 mm / 2.5 Macro Service Manual, - en
Vivitar 70-150 / 3.8 Close Focusing / CF parts list, - en
Vivitar 135mm/2.8 Close Focusing / CF Objektiv parts list, - en
Kiron Repair Manuals: 28mm f/2.8, 28-105 f/3.2-4.5, 70-150 f/4, 70-210 f/4 , - en
Zeiss Jena Service-Manuals - Camera Tech Notes / Rick Oleson - en
Rolleicord III Removing the Mirror and grinding a new one, Hans Kerensky - en
Voigtländer Vitrona Repair of stuck Preset Film Counter, Hans Kerensky - en
Agfa Isolette III (Re-)Skinned, Hans Kerensky - en
Tamron 17-50 loose frontlens repair, rick eifert / DSLR-Forum - de
Carl Zeiss Triotar 135/4, Peter Ferling - en
Konica [email protected] as a model aircraft camera, Bruno - de
Mamiya C220, C200, Bronica ETRI, Hasselblad 500-503, 201,202, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Rolleiflex Repair: Rolleicord V, Va, Vb, Rolleiflex 2.8E, 2.8F, 3.5, 3.5E, 44, T, Rolleimagic, Rolleimagic 2, Telerolleiflex, Wide Rolleiflex at Benoît Suaudeau - en
Dis/assembling CZJ Sonnar 2.8/180mm, BRunner / - en
Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180mm/2.8 Zebra, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Angenieux 70-210mm f=3.5 Zoom, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Rollop, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Rolleiflex T into parts, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Aires Reflex TLR, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Mamiya C330 new light seals, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Semflex Standard 3,5 <<61>> Type 15 Twin Lens Reflex camera lens bloc, Cyprien Brun - fr
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex I, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Fuji S9500/S9000 Infrared Mod, Mateusza Jaskulskiego - en
Rolleiflex Automat TLR, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Minolta A2, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Voigtlander Vito B, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Rollei 35S, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Zeiss & Meyer Rear-element Positioning, Steve Sheppard - en
Praktina FX CLA - Clean, Lube and Adjust, Steve Sheppard - en
Praktica mirror adjustment, Steve Sheppard - en
Praktica MTL3, MTL5, MTL5B, Super TL1000 metering/shutter-speed potentiometer, Steve Sheppard - en
Praktica disassembly, Steve Sheppard - en
Carl Zeiss Pancolar 50 mm / 2.0 Exacta mount, Steve Sheppard - en
Carl Zeiss Biotar 58 mm / 2.0 pre-set M42 repair, Steve Sheppard - en
DIY IR modification of point and shoot cameras, talbotron22 / - en
Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 4/135 T repair of stuck distance scale, SantaKlaus / - de
Boyer Saphir B 135 mm / 4.5 - Cleaning fungus traces, IndianaDinos - en
Cleaning from fungus with Zippo fluid: Zeiss Jena Biometar 80 f/2.8, IndianaDinos - en
Samyang / Bower / Walimex 14 mm / 2.8 focus correction, - de
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon 150 mm / 3.5 S, - en
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon 150 mm / 4 PS, - en
Bronica Zenzazon S - Bring a sloppy ZENZANON lens back to life, - en
Servicing the Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX macro lens - oiling the AF, - en
Cosina 100/3,5 Macro tinkering to kill noise, Sebastian Voitzsch - de
Tamron 70-210 f2.8 SP LD autofocus repair - something is loose, Votre Coeur - en
IR Modified Mamiya 645 Infrared, like my DSLR with excangable IR-Filters, Pete Ganzel - en
Sigma AF 90 / 2.8 D macro lens repair and macro add on lens out of a Leica Colorplan 90/2.5, Beuteltier / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
SIGMA AF 170-500 APO repair with a CPU board of a Sigma 28-105, Beuteltier / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
Maginon 28-70/3.5-4.5 AF (Fungus?) cleaning, Beuteltier / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
Video-Out even in the capture mode with Panasonic LX3, Digitalfoto Blog - Panasonic Secrets - de
Mamiya 645 prism repair, Pete Ganzel -
Mamiya 645 150mm lens disassembly and repair, Pete Ganzel - en
Petri RF - jp
ALMAZ-103 - jp
Kowa SE & SER - jp
Mamiya / Sekor 500DTL - jp
COSINA CT-10 - jp
Fujica G690 - jp
Plaubel Makina 6x7 - jp
Nicca - jp
Rollei XF35 - jp
Rollei 35T - jp
Fujica Compact 35 - jp
Ricoh XR-2s - jp
Ricoh XR 500 - jp
Ricoh 500 GX - jp
RICOH HI COLOR 35 & AD-1 - jp
Fungus Removal Sigma 400mm APO, Pete Ganzel - en
Hewlett-Packard HP E337 digital camera external power modification, - en
Samsung A503 IR mod, - en
Voigtlaender repair manuals, Mike Butkus - en
Casio EX -Z30, Z40, Z50 Display, Chip-Tip / Youtube -
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Favorite Classics: Service Manuals: Argus Compur 00X Verschluß, Canon Model 7, Canonet QL17 G-III, Cine Canonet 8, Demi, Demi EF 28, Fujica AX-1, Minolta SRT 101, Nikon FE, FM, Olympus OM-1, OM-4, Pen FT, XA, Petri 7s, Rolleiflex TLR, Topcon Super D, Yashica D TLR SUPER!!! - en
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Kodak DCS 620C, DCS 460, DCS 560, Samyung NX-10+18-55, Sigma 70-200 Macro HSM, Canon Digital Ixus IIS, EF-S 18-55 IS painting, Parkinstyle.tistory - jp
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CZJ Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm/2.4 M42 repair guide for CLA, BRunner / - en
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Andreas Rörig: Modification of a Rubinar 300 mm 1:4.5 - de
Michael Mushardt: "Relax" / "Destress" Rubinar and Maksutov MTO11 CA - what is the right optical expression? - de Bokeh creating - en
Jim Newberry: How to make a sound blimp for your camera out of a Pilican case, with Tele-lens for nature photography - - Joergen: Long-exposure night HDR photography with arduino (aka bulb mode bracketing) - en
Michael J Dixon: Build a blimp for camera sound reduction for weddings, wildlife - en
David Buzzard: Camera blimp out of a Peli case - en
Jens Roesner: Repair of corrupt SmartMedia Cards - en
wikiHow: How to Make a Mat Board Cutter - en
wikiHow: How to Make a 120 Camera Use 620 Film - en
wikiHow: How to Make a 620 Camera Use 120 Film - en
Ritz Dakota PV2 disposable camera - Extracting data from the sensor - en
Ritz Dakota PV2 - Forum: What - en
Hans Robert Schaefer: Electronic viewfinder for SLR cameras - de
Creating a makeshift film scanner -
Creating a makeshift film scanner -
Light trap/foam replacement, S. Staude - de
My own DIY work - de

Focal plane shutter service, - en
Copal MXV shutter of a Yashica D TLR CLA, Dave Gauer - en
Making horizontal shutter unit, Aki-Ashia - en
Voigtländer Bessematic CS Synchro Compur-X, Hans Kerensky - en
Synchro Compur MX/CR00-126, Hans Kerensky - en
Franka Solida II Prontor-SVS Shutter Repair, Heinz Kerensky - en
Velio Shutter, Hans Kerensky - en
Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter repair instructions, - en
Argus A2B shutter, - en
Kodak No. 2 Brownie Model A shutter, - en
Linex guillotine shutter, - en
Kodak Kodamatic shutter, - en
Kodak Kodex shutter, - en
Praktica FX shutter (PDF), - en
Ilex Universal shutter, - en
Voigtländer Perkeo II, Compur Rapid shutter, Hans Kerensky - en
Pierrat Drestop Synchro Shutter, Hans Kerensky - en
Hongmei HM-1 Shutter Dissected, Hans Kerensky - en
Synchro-Compur MXV, Compur Rapid XC type 00, Seiko Mamiya C, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Minolta SRT 100 shutter tension, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Ansco Karomat, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Prontor shutter repair, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Compur Rapid shutter repairs, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Compur Verschlüße reparieren, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Thornton-Pickard rolleau shutter, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Koilos shutter repair, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Ibso folding camera shutter repair, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Ernemann Heag XVI shutter repair photos, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Compur shutter repair manual, Benoît Suaudeau & Steve Sheppard - en
Praktica shutter timing, Steve Sheppard - en
Praktica shutter - cocking & firing, Steve Sheppard - en
Zenza Bronica - How their shutter work, - en
Zenza Bronica Zenzanon lenses with Seiko 0 shutter adjustment , - en
Zenza Bronica Seiko No. 0 Shutter checking, - en
Kiev Shutter - jp
How works a shutter - on a EOS 5D and a 20D, Rainer Hönle - de
Synchro-Compur shutter servicing, Roland Givan - en
Prontor S servicing, Roland Givan - en
Tongueswitch as a camera remote control, Markus Haacke - de
Synchro 300, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Kodak Flash 200, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Ilex Acme No. 2, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Ilex Universal, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Ilex Precise, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Copal MXV, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Copal, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Klio (Prontor-S/Prontor-II), Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Prontor SVS, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Vero, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Seikosha, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Richter Reflecta, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Compur Rapid, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Rim Set Compur, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Rapax Synchromatic, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Graphex, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
Alphax, Daniel R. Mitchell - en
About servicing Graflex focal plane shutters -

Exakta Repair Tool made from a nailfile, - en
Tools and tricks for camera and lens tinkerer, - de
Focus adjustment tool for medium format (folder) cameras, Hans Kerensky - en
Deep black color - blackboard paint, Gerd Neumann jr. - de
Tools for repairing lenses, jesito / - sp
Shutter tester, Steve Sheppard - en
Camera repair tools DIY, Daniel Mitchell - en
Cleanbox for dustless lens repair, pliester / DSLR-Forum - de
DIY Straightening Bent Lens Filter Rings, Pete Ganzel - en
Tinker Tools - homemade tools for camera repair: Iris help tool, spanner wrench, friction tools, flash capacitor discharger,.. , Pete Ganzel - en
Lens collimating, Mike Elek - en
LensAlign - a tester setup for front / backfocussing - de
New shutter speed tester measuers both curtains and very short shutter times, Alex Radu - en
Better focus tester for AF - / Metamix - de
Shuttertester ? by Alex Radu - it(?)
DIY repair tools, Gordon Ian Stalker - en
Collimator and such for infinity setting of lenses, Rick Oleson - en

Arduino computer for highspeed drop photography, fotogearhk / - cn
DIY Staset - a tool for holding reflectors or gras away, for macro nature photographers, Sun Travel / - de
Phottix PT-04 TM radio trigger modification for more distance, - de
Photography Gear Bags, Jan Christian - en
MotionFreezer for high speed flash sync, Manfred Fuchs - de
Home Made L bracket, Lotto / photography-on-the-net - en
photoduino a flash and camera syncronizing box, Arduino µC based, kalanda - sp
Build yourself a portable fill-in reflector out of an emergency blanket, Mark Harris - en
Reflector DIY, - de
Lightning trigger, Klaus Bagschik - en
DIY table studio setup, Guido Studer - de
Eckla Beach Rolly optimizing for photography, Markus Zindl - de
Camera strap, Dr. Andreas Habash - de
Different kinds of camera straps, - de
Intervallometer von Steffen Barth - de
Radiocontrolled release, Steffen Barth - de
Building a seamless background for the studio, - de Lightstand as backrop mount - en
Bourbon Baby / flickr: DIY collapsable lightbox - en Photobooth with USB controlled camera - en Simple Sound trigger for cameras and flashes - en Smart -Trigger for SLR cameras, AVR microcontroller based, Intervall, Sound, Bulb, Flash trigger, Lightning trigger ! - en
Sven Schwoebel - Studio model seating - de
DIY copystand, Johannes Leckebusch - de
Loren Winters / Kontakt-Auslöse-Matte - en

Camera mount conversion set to use Minolta SR mount lenses (MD,MC,PF) on Canon EOS cameras without adapter or lens mount conversion, Digitalrokkor - en
Leitax: Conversion adapter to use old manuel lenses (Minolta, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Voigtländer, Olympus Contax) on new cameras (Pentax, Canon, Sigma, Sony, Nikon, Cinecameras) - en
Canon FL 55mm 1:1.2 EF mount Adapter, Ed Mika / ontarion / - en
Canon FD-EF Adapter made by Ed Mika, ontarion / - en
Marke Wiese - Canon EOs 5D mirror shave, - de
Service-Manuals, - en
Shutter curtain and tape / ribbon, Aki-Ashia - en
Konica zu Fourthirds mount conversion spacer, - en
Software for AF, exposure and shutter adjustment of Canon EOS cameras, SPT - en
Tools for camera repair, for example JIS screwdreivers, Moody Tools - en
Camera Repair Manuals, - en
Nikon Service Manuals, - en
Minolta User Manual and Service Manual Downloads - en
Tools usabel for camera / lens repair, Horst zu Jeddeloh | Goldschmiedebedarf - de
Uv hardend glue for optical usage, Dymax - de, en, fr
Camera repair tools, Camera - en
The Canon nFD-4/3 replace-adapter with AF confirm and Image Stabilizer - VGR/zymmi /OLYMPUS 4/3 club forum - en
Sensor-Film: Next generation sensor cleaning, Rainer Hönle - en
TomTech - supplier of Canon spare parts - de
Modifies Contax N-Mount lenses to Canon EF with autofiocus and iris operation! conorus - en
DIY underwatercamera housing video, instructions for sale, CRM Underwater Designs - en
Minolta Rokkor 58mm to EOS conversion kit - Jim Buchanan - en
Adapterset to converse Canon FD to Four Thirds cameras - en
Manfrotto 055 / 055 Pro B modification set for deep working position, - de
Honeycombs usable for lightformer, Saxon Computers - en
Michael Bass Designs: Sells different modifications - en
San Diego Camera Solution offers a lot of spare parts: Shutters, battery doors, -
Canon EOS Shutter Release Switch, San Diego Camera Solution -
Leitax: The sell adapters to modify Leica lenses to Nikon cameras - en

Simple film "scanner" and lightbox, - en
Slide-Scanner - with a compact digital camera and a slide projector, Thomas Pfeiffer - de
Fast transparencies digitalisation (not scanning) DSLR and a modified Leica Pradovit P600IR, Andreas Beitinger - de
Darkbox out of an plastic box - jp
Respooling 120 film onto 620 spools for use in older cameras, Glenn E. Stewart -
Aftermarket JOBO CPE2 Motor Speed Controller, - en
How NOT to fix a photomultipler power supply, - en

Swimming "tripod" for wildlife photographers, - de
How to build a tripod, - en
Wooden surveying tripod modified for photography , Fraenzel / - de
Cullmann Magic 2 tripod head - de
Monostat monopod repair - de
Manfrotto MA 410 with Arca quick release system , KleinerHase / - de
Light stand sandbag DIY, Jan Christian - en
Turning a trekking pole into a light monopod, Jesito / MFlenses - en
As an exeption: Video DSLR attachment 3D printed (!) shoulder-rig , MarcusWolschon / DSLR-Forum - de
Shoulder Pod for long lens as stabilisation, rpcrowe / SmugMug - en
Tele lens tripod head, swax/DSLR-Forum - de
Novoflex-Classicball friction, Dachstein / DSLR-Forum - de
Macro stage our of industry products, - de
Tokina AF 80-400/4.5-5.6 AT-X cheap tripod adapter, ich_bins / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
High-End tripod head like Benro / Wimberley - powerbauer / Nikon Fotografie-Forum -
Building a car rig, James Evins / - en
Manfrotto 393 tripod head modification for better balance - Zuendler / DSLR-Forum - de
The Slik tripod improvement project, 440roadrunner / Manual Focus Forum - en
PDF that shows how to build a flash tripod out of a poor camera tripod, - de
Bike-Handelbar foam rubber as a tripod leg grip , Stativfreak - de
DIY Pan/Tilt system, KreAture / My Autopano Pro forum - en
Manfrotto ( Bogen)190XPROB tripod Modification for deep working - Toddi 1973 at DFORUM - de
RRS-tuning the Manfrotto 234 tripod head screws - DSLR-Forum / tobbi Klein - de
Kite areial photography rig, Scott Haefner - en
Manfrotto 393 Upgrade - for more sturdiness and with a tarn cape and a umbrella holder , Markus Zindl - de
Small wooden Tripod with ballhead (out of a table tennis ball) DIY, DSLR-Forum / reischa - de
Aluminium macro focusing rack, - de
Macro focusing rack, - de
Tripod Head for large tele - de
Motorized macro focusing rack for focus stacking, Metamix on - de Upgrading a Manfrotto / Bogen 719B / 724B / 728 tripod head - en
toolex.blogspot: Tilt-camera-head with wireless controler - sp Small tripod - - udijw: L-bracket - en
Bjørn Rørslett: L-Bracket - en
Damien Douxchamps: Kirk NC-300 Modification -
wikiHow: How to Take Apart a Bogen 3047 Tripod Head - en CamPole for taking photos frum some meters up - en

Softbox with continuous light, Alex Campagna - en
Russian flash circuit diagram / schematic diagram / wiring diagram, - ru
Vivitar compact flash 283, 285, 285HV, 1800, 2600, 2800, , - en
Metz Mecamat 45-20 flash sensor, - de
Macro flash DIY, - de
Faulty YongNuo YN-468 repair by rpolitsr / - en
Safe syncronizing voltage and manual Mecamat alternative for Metz Mecablitz 45 CT series flash, - de / en
How to make a softbox in 5 minutes, Jan Christian - en
DIY velcro speed strap for speedlites, Jan Christian - en
How to modify an Amvona softbox for use with speedlites, Jan Christian - en
DIY SLA Battery Pack for Speedlites, Jan Christian - en
Dual speedlite bracket for Amvona Softbox, Jan Christian - en
DIY speedlite beauty dish, Jan Christian - en
DIY Elinchrome Ranger Quadra speed ring, Jan Christian - en
DIY Gary Fong Lightsphere, arturg / instructables - en
Beauty Dish for Nikon SB-800, David Tejada - en
DIY Flash Gels for Speedlights with velcro, Vu Le Photography - en
Quick strap: DIY Velcro flash strap, Vu Le Photography - en
Optical slave flash with Atmel ATMega8 controller and a "Fulgurator" - a synchronized flash image projector , Thomas Pfeifer - de
Fiber ring flash,, Zentrifugalflughafen - de
Nissin Di622 mod to get it working with Cactus and other triggers, Andreas aus B / DSLR-Forum - de
Slave flash trigger works even with older high voltage flashes, c't - de
Slave flash trigger with preflash denial, c't - de
Metz 60 modification - drf-faq - de
Metz 60 - 402.28 mod for NiMH batteries - drf-faq - de
Metz 45-40 modification to current recargable batteries - drf-faq - de
Vivitar 729 Zoom N - Power-controlling slave flash trigger for Strobist work, - en
Laser shutter trigger for flying insects, fotoopa / - en
Flying insects photo-macroscopy equipment, fotoopa / - en
Ringflash attachment for a compact flash, Stefan Wißmüller - de
Tinker a filter holder for Lee folil filter on flashes, Stefan Wißmüller - de
Macro flash system, Pete Ganzel - en
Servo flash sensor for older high voltage flash guns, Beuteltier / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
External Flash Sync Socket, - en
Grid DIY out of drinking straws, amajor / Nikon Fotografie-Forum - de
Ringlash with plastics case , Protoplasma / - de
DIY Konica Minolta Sony Fiber Optic Macro Light System, Pete Ganzel - en
Angel Eyes macro LED lighting, John Hallmen - en
Vivitar flash DF500 power modification, BF Outdoors - en
Vivitar 200 with board 31057, BF Outdoors - en
Draining a charged flash Capacitor, - en
Vivitar 2000 as a slave flash mod, -
How to discharge flash capacitors and other flas repair & troubleshooting, Samuel M. Goldwasser - en
Vivitar 2000 V, BF Outdoors - en
Flash Capacitor Safety, - en
How to make an inexpensive light tent / box , Darren Rowse - en
Online Lighting Diagram Creator - en
Cactus V2s mod to eliminate banding problem of Canon EOS 5D, -
Cactus PT-04 caused banding in DSLR cameras reduction modification / OliverDavidPatrick - en
LED ringlight, Thomas Berndt - de
Ring flash out of 8 normal camera flashes, nikon-user/ DSLR-Forum - de
Flash isolater to make old flashes work with new cameras without destruction of camera electronics due to high voltage on x-sync contact, Rob Cruickshank - en
Manuel flash power regulation for a Metz 45 CT1 for Strobist work, Graf Zahl / - de
Sigma EF-500 DG Super flash PC-sync port modification, by Arkku - en
Snoot Projector with a camera lens, Keith Loh - en
127x127 cm Collapsible Soft Box, Flickr -nickwheeleroz - en
Ringlight with round fluorescent bulb - KWERFELDEIN / Sebastian Kemmer - de
Quick clamp for a flash, Aka Korhonen - en
Cactus V2s transmitter antenna mod for longer working distances (tested with ~ 70 m), Aka Korhonen - en
Ringflash out of a bowl, Aka Korhonen - en
Modifying a microphone stand into a flash & umbrella stand, Aka Korhonen - en
Normal black umbrella modified into a flash diffuser, Aki Korhonen - en
DIY multi flash sync box for 4 flashes, Aki Korhonen - en
Building a simple Ring Light with 10 incandescent bulbs , -
Sturdy DIY Umbrella/Flash Bracket out of aluminium rods, Aki Korhonen - en
DIY fluorescent ringlight on Flickr / momono - en
DIY Ring Flash adapter for a normal flash, Jedrek on - en Twelve strobe camera rig - for high mobile shadow free lightoutput with short flash duration - en The Strobist Corner - Extending Your TTL Flash Cord with Cat5 cable - en
Cyrill Harnischmacher: Flashgrip for a small softbox - de
Jason W / flickr: Cheap Flash Slave / On-Camera Flash Diffuser with example pictures - en Auxillary soft box for flash - de
udijw - TTL flash cord - en Huge flash bouncer -
eyeonbirmingham - Ringflash -
Jan-Erik Skata: Slave flash trigger with counting logic - because of preflashes - en
LED ring flash with contiuns and flash light, Peter Danninger - de
Halogen headlamp as studio illumination, Dirk Hennig - de
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronic Flash Units and Strobe Lights -

wikiHow: How to Make a Stereoscope - en
wikiHow: How to Make a Camera Attachment to Take 3D Anaglyph Photos - en
Mamiya ZE-X and ZE-2 as a stereo 3D camera couple, Siegfried Staude - de

Step by step instruction guide to build a pinhole camera, - en
Foamcore pinhole camera, - en
6x17 Panoramic Pinhole Camera, adbieber/ Flickr - en
Solargraphy - How to make a pinhole camera, - en
Lego medium format pinhole camera, Adrian / foundphotography - en
Pinhole with Hasselblad film magazin, Monsieur Be / flickr - en
Stenotype / Pinhole 24x24 mm images, Monsieur Be / flickr - en 120 film panorama pinhole camera - en
wikiHow: Pintoid camera - a very small pinhole camera - en
Photoplane: Pinhole-Photoplane - en
Haiku Gerry / Flickr: Pinholecamera ouit of a pumkin - en
Bricolage: Pinhole blender camera DIY instructions - en
How to make the pinhole hole - with electricity, J. Reincke - de

Jupiter 3 helicoid clenaing and lubrication, schnier / - de
MTO 1000mm/10 focal lenght reduction to ~ 700mm, Posedown / - de
Helios 44-4 auto ris modification for some adapters needed, - fd
FED2, Zorki 5-6, Jupiter 3, Jupiter 8, Jupiter 9 Service + collimating, Orion 15, Industar 61 L/D , - en
Zorki 5 und 6 lever wind cleaning and lubrication (CLA), JE Labs - en
Zorki 6 flash sync repair - en
MIR-24H 35mm/2.0 infinity focus adjusting, caerwall / - en
Mir 10A 28mm/3.5, caerwall / - en
Hellios 44 58mm 2.0 tinkerd as a macro, soft and telelens, - en
Jupiter 37A/AM stray light reduction with additional inner tube, hinnerker / - de
KMZ Kasnogorsk Iskara defective film transport, Hans Kerensky -
KMZ Iskra 2 Double Exposure Prevention and Filmcounter repair, Hans Kerensky - en
KMZ Iskara 2 removing of top cover, Hans Kerensky - en
KMZ Moskava-5 shutter repair, Hans Kerensky - en
KMZ Krasnogorsk Iskra, Hans Kerensky - en
KMZ Krasnogorsk Iskra Removing the Bottomplate, Hans Kerensky - en
Kiev 60 film winding repair, illuminateblog - de
Helios-40 85mm/1.5 repair, L'IMAGE avec les M42 -
Rubinar 500 mirror lens - cn
FED-5B Rangefinder Adjustment, Hans Kerensky - en
Kiev 60, 88 Repair-Manuals, Benoît Suaudeau - en
Helios 44-M 58 mm/2.0 Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Vega 28B with fungus (French: Champignons), Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Kiev 6c disassembly, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Iskra, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Kiev 88 film magazin repair, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Kiev 88 / Saliut replacing the light-trap, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Meopta Flexaret VI Automat, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Moscou-4, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Zorki 1 dissasembling, Benoît Capponi - fr
Zorki 1, FED1, Zorki 2C rangefinder adjustment, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Zorki-1 Type-E - jp
FED2 Type-d - jp
Kiev 60 / Pentacon Six adapter out of an extension tube to Canon EF - de
Kiev 88 / Kiev 88 TTL Parts PDF Datei, -
Lubitel focus alingment, Roland Givan - en
Single lens soft focus lens out of a Helios 44 58 mm 1:2, Boris Liberman - en
DIY Tilt & Shift lens out of an Industar-58-Y 75 mm / 3.5 enlarger lens, Aka Korhonen - en
Homemade russian cameras - - ed
Fisheye MC Zenitar-N 16mm f/2.8 Lens infinity correction, - en
Destinis Child / flickr: Holga upgrade with a 110 mm Portrait-lens with cromatic and spheric abberation - en
Matt Denton: Industar 26 and 61 relubing - en
Matt Denton:Kiev 60 and Volna-3 80 mm: Flash-Synch, focus ring, fim transport - en
Laika - Rangefinder Forum: FED2 service and cleaning -
Kim Coxon: Jupiter 8 service - en
Kim Coxon: Jupiter 9 service - en
Kim Coxon: Orion 15 service - en
Kim Coxon: Industar 61 L/D service - en
Brian Sweeney: Servicing Jupiter 3 Lenses - en
Jesse Newcomb: Repair & Overhaul, Widelux Model FV - en
FED 1 and Zorki 1 disassembly, Rick Oleson - en
How to repair a russian MTO-1000 Maksutov mirror lens, Robert Schaefer - de
Kalimar lenses adapter on Pentacon Six and Kiev6, Rick Oleson -
FED and Zorki rangefinder adjustment, Jay Javier - en

6x12 panorama camera with Schneider Kreuznach Super Angulon 65mm, - en
Homebrew 6x17 camera , - en
Submersible housing for two DSLR cameras for panorama images, Kristofor Gellert - en
Spherecam, Dan Slater - en
Nimslo Panoramic conversion, adbieber/ Flickr - en
PanoBot motorized automatic panorama head, Traugott Emrich - en, de
Robust nodal point adapter - Mark II, Dennis Siebert - de
Nodal point adapter without complex manufacturing, Kai Gerd Schwebke - de
Nodalpunktadapter containin Manfrotto& Novoflex components and a IKEA Kvartal , Sebastian Trandafir - de
Nodal point adapter for panorama stitching, Thomas Berndt - de
DIY Pan/Tilt system, KreAture / My Autopano Pro forum - en
Nodal Point adapter for panorama photography, Guido Studer - de
camera measures for nodal point adapters, Joseph S. Wisniewski - en
Measuerd technical data of some lenses: Entrance and exit pupil, front and back nodal points, Joseph S. Wisniewski - en
L- and panorama-bracket for D2H, Aki Korhonen - en
Obsession 617 a panorama 120 film camera like the Linhof - Razzlok - en
Cheap diy panorama head, - en
The proper pivot point for multi image panoramas - the entrance pupil, not a nodal point - , Douglas A. Kerr - en Nodalpoint adapter, to get rid of the parallax error - en 35 mm panorama pinhole cam - en
Chris Patton: Making Foam Core 4x5 inch Pinhole Camera - en Pivot-Point-panoramic head out of wood - en
Klaus Framke: Panoramaadapter (Nodal) build out of a drawer rail - de

Largeformat camera build with Lego parts, - en
Wooden 6x17 camera, - en
DIY build a MF/LF camera, - en
5x7 camera, adbieber/ Flickr - en
6x17 camera, adbieber/ Flickr - en
PDF documentation: Wideangle fixed focal camera with Super Angulon 47 mm /5.6, by Lars Hennings - de
Speed Graphic Graflex, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
Sinar Copal shutter to Plaubel adaption, Benoît Suaudeau - fr
How To Ground Your Own Glass, Dick Dokas - en
Some DIY camerawork by Noah Schwartz: Polaroid 110 with interchangable lenses, Polaroid / Yashica 120 with Graflok back, Sinarcam reccesed lensboard - en
Different large format cameras customized - Razzlok - en
Thin 4x5 inch filholder, Razzlok - en
Ground glas frame maging, Jon Grepstad - en
Tachihara enlarger, 6x9 film holder and grond glass + viewfinder adaptors, Claudio Bottari - en
Claudio Bottari: 45 inch aerial press camera - en
Kalart range finder adjustment, - en
Roland Givan: 45´´camera hommmade - en
How to fix light leaks in bellows, Roland Givan - en
Claudio Bonavolta: 810 inch Bender - en
Doug Bardell´s 69 cm field camera - en
Göran Ellqvist: Large format camera building - en
Jon Grepstads FAQ on view camera construction - en
My own largeformat DIY work: Polaroid adapter, focussing screen saving shield, fucussing screen, adapter for 6x9 fil magazine, wide angle bellows - de
69 Field Camera, Doug Bardell -
Light leaks at large format cameras, Quang-TuanLuong - en
Folding a bellows, Doug Bardell - en
Construire soi-même une petite chambre monorail 6x6. -

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Gal s: homens em fotos sensuais - BOL Fotos - BOL Fotos
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Programmaboekje Stichting Kermis Langeraar
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IVA agevolata 10 - Studio Saparo
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370 best Nu B s images on Pinterest in 2018 Man fashion, Male
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