Zorssar 2018 NEW fashion women Riding boots Suede

Zorssar 2018 NEW fashion women Riding boots Suede

narrow calf bootsBuying boots online can be a challenge. Narrow calf boots that are both fashionable and functional are especially difficult to find due to the limited brands and styles on the market. However, this just may be your lucky day! If you’re searching for the perfect slim boot accompaniment to your favorite seasonal fashions, we are here to help. A smart customer is a happy customer. But with the limited options, it becomes hard to find the ideal narrow calf boot that offers value for money  Before you go and buy a pair, take a look at our 2018  list of  the top narrow calf boots of the year. After reading this article, you’ll find exactly what you want, and above all, get good bang for your buck, when buying comes to order.

Popular Boots for Slender Legs

1. Clarks Women’s Tealia Cup Riding Boot

Clarks Women's Tealia Cup Riding BootWith a knee-high length and striking leather finish, Tealia Cup Riding Boots are instant show-stoppers. These casual, slim boots are designed to upgrade your look from dull to dapper and give you the chance to try out some of the trendiest style themes out there. Flexible and firm at the same time, these slim calf boots have an opening of 14-inches, making them perfect for legs on the narrower size. The stretch panel attached to the back makes for a cozier fit, while the classic suede detailing on the shoe accentuates the timeless appeal of the shoe.

When it comes to convenience, the boot doesn’t disappoint either. It’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh you down. Also, it has a cleverly crafted and cushioned interior that conforms easily to the natural curves of your feet, thereby providing a hassle-free fit. The rubber sole is durable, and resilient to slips and falls, especially during wet weather. The boot comes fitted with a 2-inch heel, which makes you look effortlessly stylish without coming across as over-the-top or trying too hard. Despite having a heel, these boots offer a comfortable feel, thanks in part to the breathable, shock-absorbing Ortholite footbed. Overall, the Tealia Cup Riding Boots are perfect for women with slim calves, and those who are tired of having to choose between comfort and style

These slim calf boots are made to endure the test of time and are ideal for a variety of occasions thanks to their elegant design- they aren’t just meant for work. They were made to fit your slender legs and offer unrivaled comfort. While they may be priced higher than most narrow calf boots, they’re certainly worth the extra dime.

2. Eric Michael Women’s Montana Boot

Eric Michael Women's Montana Knee-High BootThe Leather Eric Michael Women’s Montana boots are instant head turners. These knee-high boots will upgrade your look from cool to dapper and probably give you some serious style themes. They have the classic leather upper that has managed to become the most sought after design for boots.

The boot comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors so you can be assured of a wide range to choose from. They have a narrow boot opening of about 14.5 inches and a heel of approximately 1.25 inches. The height from the bottom to the top is about 15 inches.

With regards to convenience, the boot is lightweight at around two pounds and has a well-crafted and comfortable interior. The rubber sole enhances its longevity and prevents slip and fall accidents especially during wet weather. In addition, it has a stylish strap and buckle that gives the wearer a cowboy feel.

This boot is ideal for ladies with small calves. It is good that you measure the opening and the heel especially if you would like to purchase the boot online.

Keep in mind that the boots do not come with an insole. You may have to purchase one after some time. They are also not water resistant. Therefore, avoid submerging them in water or walking in the rain.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for comfort, convenience and style- look no further than the Eric Michael Montana Knee- high boot.

3. Nine West Queddy Tall Boots

Nine West Women's Queddy Suede Over the Knee Boot Nine West Queddy Tall Boot is a cleverly designed boot and comes packed with an array of wonderful features. But before we delve into the numerous features, let’s first take some time to talk about how elegant this boot looks.

The Nine West Queddy offers a stylish and sleek look with its clean, simple lines and almond toe front finished off with a very walkable 2-inch heel. It is aesthetically attractive and has a luxurious vibe to it. The black and cognac suede colors are simply breathtaking and would be perfect for any casual or official attire.

This model has a boot opening of approximately 14 inches as well as a shaft height of about 19 inches. This means it can go well above the knee to highlight all the features above and below the knee.

As far as convenience goes, it features a metallic snap at the top to ensure a comfortable fit and a padded insole for all-day comfort.

Overall, this boot is designed to showcase the quality of Nine West line of products. It is a simple shoe, but it fits women with small calves in all the right places. Its secure fit will make you feel as if you aren’t wearing shoes at all. At less than 200, this boot is definitely a winner.

4. Steve Madden Hansil Boot

Steve Madden Women's Hansil Harness BootIf you liked the Nine West Queddy boot but thought you’d prefer something taller (and cheaper), then this boot is exactly what you’re looking for.

This boot although has a similar boot opening of 14 inches just like the Nine West Queddy boot, it features a comparatively taller shaft at 22 inches. With that said, it definitely looks great as far as aesthetics go.

Customers specifically loved this boot because it has lace-up detail that allows them to adjust the calf circumference for a more snug fit. If you have very tiny calves, you’ll find that the boots fit just fine as soon as you adjust the laces at the back.

With regards to convenience, the Steve Madden boots are lightweight and highly responsive. The synthetic sole enhances its comfort and prevents slip and fall accidents during rainy days.

The best part is that this boot is chic enough to be worn to a friend’s party as well as to work. It is a favorite of many girls and comes in two different colors: black suede and taupe suede. If you’ve been looking for the perfect boot for skinny legs, then you won’t go wrong with this.

5. Rieker Womens R3473 Liv 73 Boots

Rieker Womens R3473 Liv 73 BootsIf a modern and feminine boot that can be either dressed up or help carry out a rebellious persona is in the cards, Rieker womens R3473 Liv 73 Boots may be just what you’re after. These leather boots come in black or brown – the latter with a contrasting back. The back side is made with a stretch vinyl material that aids in the perfect fit while clinging to small legs or clothing as necessary.

13” shaft allows these to settle a couple inches under the knee, and the 13.5” circumference actually tends to run a bit tight even for narrow calved boots. Full instep zipper ensures easy access, while the fabric lining keeps feet cool and dry. The heavily cushioned foot bed is removable to allow your own orthotics. And the 1” heel has continual traction and grading throughout the entire sole for extra shock absorption and security.

6. Solemani Avigial Women’s Casual Slim Calf Boot

Solemani Avigial Women's Casual Slim Calf BootSome boots try to hide the fact that they are made for certain sized legs but the Solemani Avigial Women’s Casual slim calf boot turns these adaptable features into part of the design, meaning that women are left with something that is both comfortable and stylish. They were apparently created with the belief that “slim legs deserve boots of their own” and these solemani boots for small calves, which start with a circumference as low as 12”, have a stretch fabric panel at the back for a snug fit.

This feature, with its detailed stitching and buckle, gives the boot a quirky look that should work great with many outfits and there is also the benefit of the soft calf leather, available in black or brown, and the non-skid 1.5” heel. They have been designed with casual use in mind and buyers are able to enjoy these boots in many situations.

7. Freebird Women’s Coal Riding Boot

Freebird Coal Riding BootNarrow calf boots don’t have to be super sleek and skinny if there is way of adjusting the fit and making the most of the shape of slim legs. The Freebird Women’s Coal Riding Boot does a great job of showing this by providing a boot that laces up at the back over skinny jeans for a great shape and a strong fit. This corset-style lacing system on the 19.5 inch shaft is the secret weapon in a boot with a lot of features in its arsenal. It is there to stand out and look at attractive with the contrasting rawhide leather against the distressed leather of suede of the rest of the upper.

This distressed leather upper is one of many elements that enhances the look of this boot as a country-style riding boot. There is a lot going on with the stitching, the bands around the ankle, the small block heel and the branding on the sole. However, it all comes together in a stylish, eye-catching boot. Buyers can go super-traditional with the distressed tan color or try something different with the navy or plum. This is a great option for country-loving women that want their skinny calf to look its best.

8. Sofft – Women’s – Sharnell

Sofft - Womens - SharnellWithout doubt, the Sofft-Women’s- Sharnell are one of the most reputable brands when it comes to boots. They use some of the best materials and produce them in the USA, as they should. Sofft is an excellent option if you love spending time outdoors biking or horse riding.

They come with a leather upper and synthetic sole. Even though the leather may not be the best, nothing can beat their elegance. The best part is that they come in a wide variety of colors including whiskey, Aztec brown, black, and paper Mache grey. The rubber outsole is both flexible and comes with lugs for traction.

The platform of the boots measures 0.75 inches while the shaft measures 15 inches from the arch. In addition, the boot comes with a leather footbed that is cushioned for extra comfort.

Sofft  Sharnell has a fully adjustable lacing to enable you adjust the circumference of the calf area. The top is well polished and has embroidery stitching. This gives you a great semi-professional look. Best of all, the interior is lined with microfiber to enable the boot retain its shape for long.

If your calves are rather big, you will have to loosen the laces every time you wear the boots. Moreover, the laces are quite long and may dangle behind your calves. If this is a bother, you can cut them short and tack them into the holes where you run the lacing.

9. Bed Stu Weymouth Knee High Boot

Bed Stu Womens WeymouthRenowned as the best boots for slender calves, Bed Stu Weymouth knee-high boots have been specially designed to meet the needs of the slim-legged girl. These boots have a comfortable leather design as well as a narrow shaft that allows girls with tiny legs to fit in perfectly and enjoy an intimate fit.

The opening of the boot is approximately 14 inches, while the shaft is 16 inches. The heel, on the other hand, measures about 1.5 inches. The interior has a soft leather lining and a spacious round toe design to offer protection and comfort for your toes. They also feature a leather sole which guarantees perfect shock absorption when walking.

Without doubt, these boots offer the same quality construction that all Bed Stu boots offer: high-quality materials and a unique construction system that ensures superior leg and foot comfort. The goal is so that the wearer can feel comfortable throughout the day.

Best of all, it comes in a wide variety of sizes and colors, ensuring that there is something for everyone. It also has a side zip closure and a buckle at the bottom to ensure a snug fit on your ankle area. That said, the Weymouth knee-high boot is certainly one boot to beat in 2017.

10. Frye Madeline Tall Boots

FRYE Women's Madeline Tall Western BootYou won’t ever go wrong with a pair of Madeline Tall boots. They are Madeline for a noble reason. They have the dominant power of a classic and appeal to just about every age. Made from soft oiled suede leather, these boots bring out the glamour of handcrafted Italian art.

They come in classic San Crispino construction with characteristic stitching all around the shoe. The classic construction gives the boot a chic appearance. It also fills in tiny calves, which goes to prove that convenience is not compromised. This boot is a must have for ladies with small calves.

According to the product description, the ball has a lug outsole for added comfort and a three-quarter length inside zipping to enable you to get in and out with ease. In addition, it has a high heel to match your style. You can choose from a range of colors depending on your taste.
The shaft height is about 17 inches while the heel height is approximately 3 inches. The shaft circumference is around 13 inches.

Madeline Tall boots are very comfortable thanks to the soft leather lining on the inside. The outer sole has been contoured stylishly to mimic your foot and reduce the tension that comes about from walking long distances.

Without doubt, they are one of the best boots in this category, and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t own a pair.

11. Geox Women’s Dalya Tall Boot

Geox Women's Dalya Tall BootThe Geox Dalya boot offers a modern look that suits ladies who love spending time outdoors doing various activities including riding and running. These boots are the perfect choice for a comfortable leather boot that is both stylish and comfortable. It has a flat synthetic sole for added comfort.

The heel measures around 0.75 inches, the shaft measures about 15.5 inches from the arch while the boot opening is about 14 inches around. The boot is available in black color. In addition, the boot comes with a capped toe and a metal-trimmed heel off its height. It also has a side zip design for the ease of wearing and removing it.

Geox Women’s Dalya Tall Boot is a classy boot that you can pair with your leather pants, short skirts, or even those skinny jeans. It is also an excellent choice when riding your motor bike or the horse. The polished faux-leather look makes it look luxurious and will definitely get noticed by your friends.

The tapered sole may be a problem with ladies with rather broad feet. Therefore, check the size of the sole as well as the opening. Otherwise, you can give the boot a puff every morning and enjoy the attention it brings every time you rock them in your neighborhood.

12. SoleMani Women’s 13″ Slim Collection Gabi Riding Boots

SoleMani Women's Slim Collection Gabi Riding BootsEvery skinny girl knows riding boots are hard to fit…doesn’t she? No? Well, they are. But the Gabi Knee-High Riding Boot puts an end to that dilemma. Whether you’re booked for a polo match, or planned a weekend getaway on the back of a Harley, these boots will be the showstopper. Compliments abound when these are worn in town.

Made of butter-soft leather, the .25” platform gives just enough lift without threatening comfort. 13” calf circumference is standard in sizes 6 and 6.5, while the circumference may extend a couple inches in larger sizes. But if your skinny jeans aren’t skin tight, it shouldn’t be an issue. Calf support and sweet buckle additions make this boot ultra feminine without being too girly.

13. Franco Sarto Hydie Riding Boots

Franco Sarto Women's L-Hydie Riding BootFranco Sarto riding boots have a stylish appearance that makes them look and feel so sleek. They offer a level of comfort that other boots don’t have. They can take quite a beating than typical boots, so if you need some serious work boots, this is the option to look at.

The shaft of the boot is about 18 inches high and has a circumference of 14 ¼ inches. You can choose from other sizes depending on the size of your calves. They also have a zipper at the inner ankle for ease when wearing and taking them off.

The upper is made of imported leather while the sole is manmade. Its proportionate frame is made to ensure the test of time and is extremely durable.

Strikingly impressive, the Franco Sarto will not only make you stand out but will also set you apart from the rest. They go well with skinny leggings and jeans and are ideal for women with wide feet due to its round toe design. You can wear this boot when riding your motorcycle, your horse or during those casual appearances and parties where you want to pull off the tough girl image.

Everything considered, this is one pair of boots that you should own. Stylish, sturdy and fashionable, the Franco Sarto is the only pair you need in your boot arsenal.

14. Kaitlyn Pan Women’s Microsuede Boots

Kaitlyn Pan Women's Microsuede Flat Heel Over the Knee Thigh High BootsThe ability to be cleaned easily makes the Kaitlyn Pan boots an excellent choice if you are looking for top quality boots that are stylish and easy to take care of. This boots are fashionable enough to be worn anywhere, but also robust and durable enough to be used when doing just about anything.

This model comes with a micro suede outer that is easy to clean and retains its look and feel for long. The inside of the boot is made of a stretchable fabric. The insole and the lining of the shoe are made of lambskin material for extra comfort and luxury.

The heel weighs about one inch. The circumference of the calf is around 12 inches. However, it can be stretched to accommodate an additional 2 inches to 14 inches. The circumference at the opening of the boot is about 13.5 inches but can be extended to around 15.5 inches. The height of the shaft is around 23 inches. You can get other sizes depending on the size of your calf.

The low heel boots are perfect for outdoors. The added interior comfort along with the light weight makes you feel as if you are not wearing them at all. The best part is that it comes in a variety colors including black, army green, gray, and taupe among others. All things considered, this boot is definitely one of the best boots on our list.

15. Sam Edelman Women’s Kent Boots

Sam Edelman Women's Kent BootSam Edelman Women’s Kent boots for skinny legs deserve a spot on this list. They have arguably the best exterior finish, outperforming all other boots. If looking stylish and youthful is your goal, then you seriously need to own a pair of this.

The boot is made of all leather upper that comes in black or dark gray color. The sole is of medium length, synthetic yet flexible. This enhances comfort when walking for long distances. In addition, there is embroidery stitching along the entire height of the boot.

The heel measures around 3.75 inches while the shaft measures around 25 inches from the arch. You need to be able to fit the opening which is about 14 inches. It can fit ladies with small to medium calves. However, the shaft does not stretch to fit wider calves. Ensure that you can fit into the boot with ease before buying them. If you have long tiny legs, you can use the laces on the back for a perfect fit, if the shaft does not snug on your calves.

If you’re going out for a sexy date or want to feel good about your body when going out, Sam Edelman Women’s Kent boots are your best bet. You won’t regret buying them.

16. Stuart Weitzman Women’s Thighland Boots

Stuart Weitzman Women's Thighland Motorcycle BootYes, yes, I Know, another pair of boots. However, the Stuart Thighland boots are high quality and stylish, plus they are priced remarkably, which is why we couldn’t just leave them out of this list. If they are good for riders, then they are definitely good for you too.

Looking at the build of this boot, you can rest assured they are good value for your money. First, they come with a comfortable rubber sole and a unique, chic styled outer sole. The shaft measures around 24.75 from the arch while the heel is 2 inches. It could as well go beyond the knee depending on your height.

The boot has an opening of about 14.5 inches with a platform of around 0.25 inches. The opening is a little slim. Therefore, be sure that you can fit into the boot before buying. Luckily, there are laces at the back of the calf that you can use to loosen the boot up when wearing and taking it off.

Stuart Weitzman boots can be worn when going for a ride, with either your casual or official attire. The suede-like finish gives the boot a luxurious look and can enhance your style whether you’re hanging out with your friends or you’re on the red carpet. Take extra caution when walking on wet surfaces as they tend to be slippery.

17. Luichiny Women’s Trend Lee Boots for Narrow Calves

Luichiny Women’s Trend Lee Boots for Narrow CalvesOh, skinny girls, how you are hated. And this won’t help your cause. But you can rejoice knowing you’ll look as fine as sunshine in these thin calf boots. The Trend Lee Boot is made of top quality leather and has a manmade sole. Tall girls appreciate the 18.25? shaft height which allows the curved top to sit right under the knee.

However, shorter ladies may enjoy the over-the-knee look. The boot contains a 13-inch opening and 1.25” heel to ensure comfort even if walking all day (once broken in, of course). These boots will remain in the front of your closet for years to come.

18. Franco Sarto Women’s Mast Motorcycle Boot for Slender Legs

Franco Sarto Women's Mast Motorcycle Boot for Slender LegsThere is a bit of a trend this year in women’s boots to add straps and buckles to the design, either as a purely decorative element or a way of adjusting a model to make it more suitable for slim calf wearers. The Franco Sarto Women’s Mast Motorcycle boot is a little bit different because this, with its tall leather shaft and suede back panel, has a harness strap around the ankle that looks very effective.

Another interesting difference with this pair of boots is that in addition to the usual color choices of black and brown there is a dark blue. The design may be a little more quirky but it is still build with the slimmer leg and adaptability in mind. The stretch panel on the back means that this boot is ideally suited to snugly fit women with calves as slim as 14”.

19. Cole Haan Women’s Indiana Waterproof Riding Boot

Cole Haan Women's Indiana Waterproof Riding BootWaterproof suede riding designer IT boots at an affordable price are hard to come by. But Cole Haan met the challenge with their Women’s Indiana Waterproof Riding Boot. These 16” high Knee boots come in either brown or black suede options to meet all of your fall fashion requirements. Full instep zipper helps secure the perfect fit on these 14” circumference for ladies with slim calves.

Adjustable buckles with gold hardware at the ankle and atop the shaft are the only adornments on these charming designer must haves. Padded sockliner and Grand OS comfort technology keeps feet warm and happy all day long. And the 1.75” heel and sole with rubber grip tread ensures safety and security during your cool season adventures.

20. Frye Phillip Harness Tall Boots for Skinny Calves

Frye Phillip Harness Tall Boots for Skinny CalvesMost boot options come in enough color options to handle an array of fashion needs. But these Fry Phillip Harness Tall Boots offer 11 different color options in washed, scrubbed, and distressed leather. The 14 1/2 inch shaft harness boots have moto-style detailing at the ankle which is interrupted in the back of the boot by a full length zipper.

The 13 inch circumference at size 8M allows thin calves. Now, those measurements can increase or decrease depending on your personal size. Regardless, these boots are intended for very narrow calves. Soft leather lining and padded footbed provide continuous comfort. And the 3/4 inch heel lifts without compromising safety. There are no doubts that these narrow calf boots are beautiful, classy, and durable for years of wear. Buy one pair or 11. In either case, you’ll reach for these for all of your fall fashion needs time and time again.

21. FRYE Women’s Veronica Harness Over-The-Knee Boot

FRYE Women's Veronica Harness Over-The-Knee BootFor women who love the Western look, they can suit up in these pretty kicks and rock the honkytonk! The soft, oiled leather will be sure to garner attention wherever you go. Available in black, cognac, and dark brown these fashionable boots are loaded with little details that keep them interesting. The adjustable buckle at the back is great for making sure you get the desired fit you are looking for and it looks super cute. The bronze harness on the side add to the country-chic appeal. They are also comfortable to walk in.

The heel is one and a quarter inch tall so they can give fashionistas a little lift without overdoing it and the over the knee notched cuff means they stay comfortable with every stride. A great fit for ladies with slim calves, the opening circumference is fourteen inches around. The shaft height is twenty and a quarter inches which on average height legs will come right above the top of the knee. These boots also are simple to get on and off. The medial zipper goes from the shaft about half way up the boot, not only making them easy to change in and out of, but can give ladies better fit and a steadier gait.

22. Timberland Women’s Stratham Heights Tall Boots

Timberland Women's Stratham Heights Tall BootsLet’s see, your checklist requires a narrow fitting, waterproof, leather all-season boot with a 3” heel and no extra flash. But it has to fit like a charm and be affordable. Well, that’s a tall order…or is it? Timberland saves the day with their Stratham Heights Tall Boot.

Made of soft leather and a rubberized sole for traction, these 3.25” boots can take you from work into evening plans without a pause. Now, those with athletic calves may have difficulty zipping these boots. They have a 13.5” boot opening, which means they’re made specifically for very narrow legs and tend to run small. If you’re in the former camp, fear not. There’s likely something on this list that will fit your needs.

23. Stuart Weitzman Women’s 5050 Boots for Slim Calves

Stuart Weitzman Women's 5050 Boots for Slim CalvesLadies who can afford ultimate quality, look no further. Well, go ahead and keep looking (there is one left, after all), but still read on. The iconic SW 5050 over the knee boots, available in leather and suede options, is the true designer original counterpart to the Sarto Motor Boot. The rubber sole ensures security and the 21” shaft gives a knee-high – or over the knee – fit.

The 14” boot opening permits women with slim calves to arrive in pure designer comfort. Fit may be an issue. Smaller sizes (under 7) tend to run small, while larger sizes (over 7) tend to run larger. This model is a definite keeper for ladies who need a little extra wiggle room in the calf and foot areas and have no issues paying for the option.

24. Bella Vita Transit II Boot

Bella Vita boots are the perfect combination of glam and functionality. These boots are simple yet stylish, plus they’re never boring. They offer just the right amount of comfort, and there are so many color options you can choose from including Grey Faux suede, Navy Faux Suede, and black among others. You will totally fall in love with the stylish stitching across the entire length of the boot.

The boot itself has a refreshing design with leather upper and synthetic medium heeled sole. The beautiful trio of golden colored buckles is a style statement that you would want to show off to other ladies out there.

The shaft is about 15.5 inches from the arch while the heel measures around 2.5 inches. The opening of the Bella Vita has a circumference of approximately 13 inches.

Bella Vita Women’s Transit II Boot is a boot you can wear for your casual weekend afternoons or to a friend’s evening party and still look trendy. The interior is very comfortable with a sole padding for enhanced comfort during after long hours of walking or standing.

Unfortunately, the soles can be quite slippery. Therefore, take extra caution when walking on wet surfaces or outdoors during the rainy season. Ladies with broad feet may feel a little discomfort near the toes as the boot is quite slender at the sides.

BootBra – Firmly Keeps Tall Boots Up Without Slouching

bootbraThe sales claims for the BootBra support system are full of interesting statements. There is the idea that this system is ideal for those that want a snug, secure way of keeping boots in place. There is also the warning that users need to read the instructions carefully before use. This means the product sounds much more complicated than it actually is. There are two components here. There is a stretchy strap that hooks into place around the calf and there is a sticky patch that forms a strong permanent bond with the boot. The only concern for users is the band only goes as wide as 20inches and the SnapSticker needs to be stitched into certain linings.

This ease of use and the sheer simplicity of the notion mean that there are many women that are impressed with the performance of this product. The BootBra really is able to hold tall boots in place and maintain a good fit. The demographic that is happiest about this has to be women with slim calves. These consumers have become so used to buying boots with slouching material that this BootBra feels like a major breakthrough.

Tall Boot Shopping Tips for Slender Legs and Slim Calves

For most fashionistas, shopping for new tall boots is a lot of fun. There are hundreds of styles in a variety of colors available in stores that they can choose from. All they need to know is their shoe size and the boots are sure to be a great fit. If you are a fashionista with slim legs, that’s hardly ever the case. For you, shopping for tall boots probably feels more like a chore than a pleasure. This is because many manufacturers only design boots for ladies with average size legs. Luckily, we have some great tips that will come in handy while you shop to make finding your perfect pair of tall boots less painful. Here they are:

1. Read Online Reviews

By using a measuring tape, you can make a loop around the thickest part of your calf. The distance around is your calf circumference and it will come in handy while you shop online. Most online shoe stores will have the calf circumference of the boot up on the page so shoppers can know if they’ll fit right before they buy. Amazon has reviews from verified purchasers that describe the fit in better detail. No matter where you shop, read customer reviews as they often can provide additional insight that manufacturers can miss. Some real-life buyers will even post pictures of themselves in the boots to show how they fit them.

2. Look for Adjustable Boots

Lots of knee high boots will have adjustable buckles at the top so ladies with narrow calves can tighten them to fit them better. Boots with stretch panels are often made with smaller calf circumferences because they can stretch out to accommodate legs of bigger sizes. Again, knowing your calf circumference and the circumference of the boot will give you a good idea if tightening the buckles will be enough. For example, if the boots have a fifteen and a half inch circumference and your supermodel skinny calves are only twelve inches around, you’re probably going to need more than just a buckle to make them look right. This is especially true if the tall boots are made from a thin material that doesn’t hold its shape. Sometimes faux suede can get droopy if the fit isn’t perfect, so be mindful of this while shopping.

3. Try Boot Cuffs

Boot cuffs are a great option if you’ve fallen in love with a pair that are an inch or two too big for your narrow legs. Boot cuffs are available in a variety of styles and can help fashionistas gain a little bulk around their calves. Boot cuffs are usually crocheted or knitted and come in plenty of different styles. They are usually worn over top of jeans or leggings and peak out of the top of the boots. They are an awesome solution for getting tall boots to fit if you plan to wear your knee high boots with casual outfits. They aren’t the best solution if you are looking for tall boots that will go with dressier ensembles. For fancy apparel, you’ll need to try a different option.

4. Pay a Visit to a Cobbler

Professionals who mend shoes can fix almost any problem with tall boots including helping you get a tighter fit! It’s important to go to someone with skill and experience as the price for this service most likely won’t come cheap and you want to get what you pay for. Hiring a cobbler should probably only be considered if your boots are from a designer brand known for durability. For example if you paid dollars for boots that will probably only last one Winter, to have the circumference reduced isn’t something you likely want to have done unless you really love the boots.

5. Know the Return Policy

Some stores both online and on location have strict return policies when it comes to the tall boots they sell. Some will only offer store credit, which is fine as long as you can find pairs that will indeed fit you and meet your taste in style. Shopping for tall boots is tricky, even if you know your calf circumference. The taller the boot is, the more fitting issues that can occur. If the boots are thigh-high, they’ll have to fit your thigh, knee, calves, and ankles. That’s a lot to factor in, so making sure easy returns are available is a must! Make sure if you buy from an online store that they won’t charge for re-shipping or restocking in case the tall boots you order don’t work.

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